Monday, 8 December 2014

Party Time

8 days in and two parties already done, I think I have at least one party almost every week of December. I love it, I love all the decorations, I love all the smiling faces, there’s nothing not to love. Suddenly everything makes me happy. That means I have to be extra careful so that I don’t lose track on the fitness front.
This is what I do to keep myself on track

  • I keep reminding myself I don’t want to start 2015 unhappy because I have put on weight. I want to start my new year being happy and that means I need to be healthy, that means I need maintain my lifestyle irrespective of the parties
  • On the day of the party all my other meals are lot more clean, so I stick to boiled eggs for breakfast, fruits for snacks, vegetables (boiled or grilled) for lunch.
  • I choose what I eat at the party depending on what I like, I don’t waste calories on stuff I don’t really like too much. I usually skip the starters that are passed around; if there are carrot sticks then I might nibble on those but otherwise no starters for me. Main meal I always have more of the turkey, very little stuffing, I love the chestnut salad and I have a little (a small spoon) of everything else.
  • Finally dessert, I share dessert I usually have a spoon from T’s plate.
  • My guilty pleasure is the mulled wine; I love it so that’s where my calories add up. The way I avoid too much of wine is by setting up a early morning workout date, If I don’t find a workout buddy then I make sure I tell somebody who will keep me accountable this keeps me from going overboard.
  • Just because I have a party to attend doesn’t mean I miss a workout, it means I add a few extra minutes to my usual workout for a few days (just a few extra minutes of running, or maybe an extra set for all my exercises)
    Till now this has worked here’s hoping these tips work for all the remaining parties. How do you handle parties?

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