Thursday, 30 April 2015

My guest post

Hi everybody,
Z from kickingkilos asked me to do a guest post, she emailed me a list of questions all related to my weight loss journey.

1. When and how I decided to lose weight?
2. How did I manage to lose weight?
3. How do I handle social gatherings
4. My advise to anybody starting their journey

I did my best to answer these and loved all the wonderful comments her readers wrote. If you want to have a look you could read my post 'WW#2 Guest Post From Tanvee'

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Friday, 24 April 2015

Six weeks program with Michelle

I started my 6 weeks program with Michelle mainly because I wanted to see some changes. I can safely say I am gym addict and eating healthy is a lifestyle for me but even then I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted so I turned to Michelle. After a little bit of discussion I decided to give her 6 weeks program a try.
The 6 weeks program had two parts:  Workouts & Healthy Eating.  I had 5 workout scheduled per week, 1 with Michelle and the remaining workouts were designed by Michelle but I did them on my own. From my first workout to my last session I was always sweating buckets and my muscles were always sore in a good way.
This was very surprising because it had really been a while since I felt so sore. One of the main reasons for me being sore was the fact that she kept changing my workouts so I did not have even one session which was easy. All my sessions pushed my limits which for me is a plus, I loved it because I surprised myself every single time.
In the 6 weeks I mostly did simple exercises but it was the combination of exercises, the weights, rest between sets and the repetitions that made a huge difference to my workouts and the biggest difference was I was not given an option of doubting myself. I had to lift whatever weight Michelle thought I could. My mantra was no questions asked, I believed her blindly which worked out very well for me because I managed to do things I always thought I couldn’t.

Before I started my 6 weeks challenge I was constantly injured, either my knee would be in pain or my back but in the 6 weeks even though my training intensity definitely increased I did not injure myself even once thanks to Michelle who made sure to add mobility exercises as warm ups and lots of stretching after each session.
At the end of 6 weeks I was lifting weight that I had never lifted in my life without help, I was injury free, I was doing a decent negative pull up (Initially I would drop like a dead fly, my arms had no strength) and I felt better about myself.
On the food front it was easier because I usually eat clean but because I wanted to be super clean I even started making my own protein bars and snacks. Over the 6 weeks I think I got used to planning my meals, snacks , pre-workouts in more detail. My food prep was suddenly a lot more detailed and fun because of all the kitchen experiments. 
I still have to work on a lot of things to work on so the obvious choice for me was to add another 6 weeks and keep going. I am already excited about how the next 6 weeks turn out to be will keep all of you updated

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If any of you want to know more about my 6 weeks or in general training with Michelle checkout her instagram page Michp_t

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Running after the idea of perfection

Exactly a month and not a single post from me which is very disappointing especially because as usual I have so many things to share...this is not a fitness related post but just a general thought as most of you have noticed my blog updates have become fewer overtime, last I mentioned to you all about working on a creating a website and I am still doing that but it’s not turning out to be as good or as perfect as I want it to be, the result was fewer blog posts and my absence from the blogging world which is really the opposite of what I wanted to do. I wanted to become more regular, share more often and connect more but running after what I think is good enough for my blog has made me actually neglect my blog completely. 

 In my want create a perfect website I ignored the real reason I wanted a new website. I am missing out on sharing my new fitness adventures with all of I have decided I am back and whenever I manage to finally finish my website I will launch it till then this blog is the place to find me, get ready to see more of my posts and my comments!!!!

On the fitness front I am doing my second round of 6 weeks with Michelle, I am still enjoying my Mauy thai classes, Negative chin ups are still regular in my routine and I am back to hill sprints.

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