Friday, 24 October 2014

Blah day!!!

Some days just don't start right, like today did not start on my usual happy note :( everything seemed to go wrong..I woke up later than I had planned to, my scales were not very friendly and my gym buddy backed out last minute..
So I sat there upset and not feeling very good about myself, I was doubting myself and my fitness journey. I was complaining and then T said to me 'I am surprised at the way you are behaving, you sound just like you used to when you started this journey...' I  needed those exact words because it reminded me how far I have come and that I don't ever want to go back to where I had started. I have come a long way not only with my fitness but also my attitude towards life so when T said it sounds like I am going back to square one I had to stop what I was doing...I had to step away from my own negative thoughts so that I don't go in a downward spiral and that's exactly what I did
I told myself...
It's not easy, It's not supposed to be easy (I can do not easy, I can do it, I can do it, I can do it)
Bad mood, low self confidence can never be my excuse
If the scale is not my friend the gym definitely needs to be my best friend
I love being the consistent one, I love being the one who keeps going and I blindly believe in hard-work for me there is no other way.
After all my self pep talk I got ready to sweat it out. 2 minutes in the gym changes everything for me, my focus shifts from scales to challenging myself. I change from not feeling good about myself to thinking about how to improve and at some point I stop thinking, I only focus on my breathing and how my muscles feel (I can't stress over how much love it!!!)

Anyways workout done I feel so much better and I smile all the way back home :)
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Monday, 13 October 2014

Healthy Change and it's Social Effect

Have you noticed how much people around you change when you start making healthier choices? Suddenly you feel like everybody is going against you, everybody seems to be causing problems in your fitness journey; you feel like nobody understands where you are coming from...
when people ask me how do I handle such situations? My first response has always been Stay strong, remember what you want and continue your journey without letting anybody affect you
There is one more thing I keep in mind this is specially true for people who love me they are also new to the change, so they will take time to get used to it’. Just like I don’t like them judging me, I should stop judging them too, stop assuming they mean harm instead try to understand where they are coming from. Most are genuinely concerned about my health.
Personally I have noticed my family and friends assumed I was starving myself. They were not used to seeing me eat smaller portions, they were all used to seeing me enjoy junk food. So when they saw the new me they worried I was not eating anything and would get sick; they thought I was losing all my weight by just eating less. Initially I would get irritated every time they tried to force me to eat, then at one point I started telling anybody who worried about my food what my usual food intake is that’s when a few people stepped back because they were convinced I was not doing anything unhealthy.
I have taken time out to explain why I eat what I eat, I tell them the reason for my choice and also explain to them how I make sure I am not missing out on any nutrition. All this reduces people from making assumptions and usually once they stop making assumptions I have noticed it gets easier because they understand me. I have had many people worry about me getting weaker or falling sick because of my eating habits that's when I tell them about my workouts, I tell them how much I have changed and how much more I can do now. That alone is enough to say I am eating well, because if I wasn’t eating right I would never be able to keep up with my workout and life.
Usually sharing all this has helped most of my family and friends understand my choices better and they are also convinced I am doing alright and to all those people who still don’t get my lifestyle that’s their headache :) :) not mine

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