Friday, 20 March 2015

A little update

Hiiiiiii :)
Hope all of you are doing well and each one of you is still keeping with your fitness journeys. I have been busy doing lots of new and exciting things. 
On the fitness front I have switched up my training I do lots of weights, body weight exercises, muay thai and sprints. For the past few weeks I have been training with Michelle

I am tracking everything, my workouts, my food intake, measurements and new recipes. It's been a tough challenge but as you can guess I have been having fun there's no denying that. Once I am done with 6 weeks I will share a detailed post with all of you
In the few weeks that I have trained with Michelle I have definitely improved my strength,. My life long dream of being able to do pull ups looks a little closer now because finally I can manage a decent negative pull up :)
Food wise in these past 6 weeks I have collected lots of healthy recipes because I was determined to stick with 100 % clean eating....I have managed about 95% (maybe even more)

On the blog front I know I haven't posted for over a month but that's because I am working on trying to create a nicer website with my own domain, that's taking a while because I am doing research on different platforms, trying new things but very soon I am hoping I have a nice new blog ready for all of you.
I am usually faster at updating my instagram so if you are interested in seeing how my life is going you will find all the fun stuff there..
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