Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Strong Woman

On Sunday I went to a Strong Woman competition in London. I went there to support my friend and trainer Michelle here’s a little post about the entire event
that's my strong woman!!! Michelle
I had heard about strong woman before but never really paid too much attention to it so when we went to support Michelle it was my first time seeing this event ever and it was a very good experience. Just being surrounded by all the strong women was inspiring. There were 5 events each extremely tough and to be able to do even one of those events would require a lot of dedication. That level of fitness needs a lot of consistency and persistence in workouts and food. I am sure all participants needed to be both physically and mentally strong. 
I think I held my breath every time Michelle was doing her events, this was the first time 1 minute felt so long for me even when I was actually only watching that’s how intense each event was. Michelle did a fab job, it was her first time and she did amazingly well, she managed to 14 * 100 kg dead-lifts in one minute (I will post a link for the video a little later)
If you want to see other videos of these events check out Michelle's instagram page
If you can go see one of these competitions you must, even if you don't plan to compete just because it will prove to you what is possible, how strong you can get and I am sure it will motivate you

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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Strength & Weakness

Stop focusing on weakness
Work on your strengths to reach your goals
All of us irrespective of our weight, our fitness levels have our own special strengths and along with these strength we have our own weakness that keep pulling you back.  Personally I have noticed how both my strength and weakness have affected my fitness plans.
One of my biggest weaknesses is my fears which held me back and still do, maybe not as much as they used to but they still do. So many times I have not done stuff or delayed doing something just because I am scared. I am not even sure scared of what..I worry I won’t be to do something, sometimes I worry people are judging me other times I worry about doing something wrong and hurting myself, I have no idea why I worry so much but I do...anyways I have noticed this weakness slows me down a lot so I have been thinking a lot about how to get over this issue.
Overtime I realized if I focus on my strength it helps me suppress my weakness. For example one of my biggest strength is not giving up and consistency. So every time I get scared to try something new because I am worried about failing I remind myself if I keep getting back up every time I fail and if I am persistent I will get there and that’s how I have been overcoming most of my fear of failing. Another weakness is fear of people judging me and this I handle by involving people who support me, they are my strength. So if I know I have been avoiding something because I am worried about people judging I tell my friends who are stern enough to point it out till I go ahead and do it.. 

List all your strengths and weakness see if you can counteract your weakness with your strengths, it's working for me. I still have my weakness but my strengths are helping me reach my goals.

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Friday, 16 January 2015

Interval Training - latest favourite workout

I workout with a friend once or twice a week, one of our workouts is interval training and because both of us can't have enough of burpees we alternate every exercise with burpees...This is my latest favorite interval (for me this is a full body interval)

Done!!! that's me after this workout..

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Monday, 12 January 2015

Injuries and a new lesson for me

In December I was constantly broken (injured). I hurt my knee, I sprained my right hand in both cases the pain was bad. I was limping and I had to take pain killers just to sleep.
One of the main reasons for both these injuries was not listening to my body and pushing myself more than my body could actually take. I was trying to do too much too soon.
I busted my knee trying to do box jumps. I was introduced to box jumps sometime last year...I was working out with a few friends and box jumps was in our planned routine but something held me back. I was scared I would fall flat on my face this fear of falling stopped me from jumping so while everybody else around me was doing box jumps I used it more like a big step, I couldn't even jump on the lowest box. So box jump was one of my goals. It was more about a facing my fears.Then the other day I saw somebody do box jumps and he had the box aligned with the wall that made perfect sense for me (I was surprised I had not thought of this before) this was a perfect way to prevent me from having a face-plant. So I went and tried my luck at box jumps and after my first few successful jumps I got more confident and added a squat each time I landed then I got over excited and continued doing about 100  box jumps all this was after I had finished my leg session (so my legs were dead even before I started the jumps) anyways I was very happy, I was dancing in my head 
(I was jumping like the little penguin in my head)
Finally I was able to conquer my fear and one more goal from my list was crossed off but within a few hours I was limping because my left knee was hurting so much that I could barely lift my leg off the ground . For 2 days I could  barely walk and finally when I was able to move I realized I could not run because every time I did I could feel pain in my I had to change my entire routine. I have still not got back to using the treadmill at the speed I used to sprint because it's still not completely healed lesson learned!!! 
Finally my thick brain has understood that I need to stop and not get carried away. I always knew you have to listen to your body but till this incident I think I was trying my luck but now I know...if I get carried away I will be pulling myself back.
This post is all about reminding you and reminding myself to stop pushing. I hope all of you have more sense than I have and I hope all of you never ever injure yourself. Take care of yourself only then will you be able to check all the goals from your list
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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

New Gym..New workout

I changed my gym. New gym, new people it was both exciting and scary. A week before I started at my new gym I was scared, I doubted my decision to change gyms because in my old gym I knew people, I had gone for most of the classes and overtime it had become my comfort zone. So as the day to start going to the new gym came closer I started getting a little anxious. 
My new playground

When the day finally came I went to the gym and that’s when I realized how much I have changed in the past year. I was comfortable even in the new environment, there were lot of new machines and I was confident enough to read and try them or ask one of the floor instructors how to use them.
That got me thinking what changed? In the past year my weight has not really changed much, I am in maintenance mode so that can’t be the reason...the one thing that has changed is my Attitude (I have a long way to go still but I have also come a long way)
This time when I entered the gym I entered with an attitude to improve, to learn new stuff. I did not think a lot about other people in the gym or about making a fool of myself. I went there with one intention ‘To improve’ and the more I focused on that the more I enjoyed myself.
I was OK with making mistakes, I was OK with being a new comer and I was OK with being a student to anyone who was better and I was OK with being judged. I literally told myself ‘Tanvee you planned to change the gym because you wanted to try new stuff, because you wanted to become better just keep that in mind’ and that’s exactly what I did and I am so glad I did this.

Things to keep in mind next time I am out of my comfort zone

  • Always keep focus on why I am doing it 
  • It’s ok to make mistakes – I am there to learn and improve 
  • Don’t compare!!! Don’t compare
  • Try new stuff (don’t say no just because I am scared of people judging or not being able to do it)
Hope you find this post useful :)
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