Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Strength & Weakness

Stop focusing on weakness
Work on your strengths to reach your goals
All of us irrespective of our weight, our fitness levels have our own special strengths and along with these strength we have our own weakness that keep pulling you back.  Personally I have noticed how both my strength and weakness have affected my fitness plans.
One of my biggest weaknesses is my fears which held me back and still do, maybe not as much as they used to but they still do. So many times I have not done stuff or delayed doing something just because I am scared. I am not even sure scared of what..I worry I won’t be to do something, sometimes I worry people are judging me other times I worry about doing something wrong and hurting myself, I have no idea why I worry so much but I do...anyways I have noticed this weakness slows me down a lot so I have been thinking a lot about how to get over this issue.
Overtime I realized if I focus on my strength it helps me suppress my weakness. For example one of my biggest strength is not giving up and consistency. So every time I get scared to try something new because I am worried about failing I remind myself if I keep getting back up every time I fail and if I am persistent I will get there and that’s how I have been overcoming most of my fear of failing. Another weakness is fear of people judging me and this I handle by involving people who support me, they are my strength. So if I know I have been avoiding something because I am worried about people judging I tell my friends who are stern enough to point it out till I go ahead and do it.. 

List all your strengths and weakness see if you can counteract your weakness with your strengths, it's working for me. I still have my weakness but my strengths are helping me reach my goals.

Keep Reading I will Keep Writing  

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  1. Concentrate on strengths - be persistent - persevere - and goals can be met.

    Good post Tanvee, thanks.

    All the best Jan