Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Strong Woman

On Sunday I went to a Strong Woman competition in London. I went there to support my friend and trainer Michelle here’s a little post about the entire event
that's my strong woman!!! Michelle
I had heard about strong woman before but never really paid too much attention to it so when we went to support Michelle it was my first time seeing this event ever and it was a very good experience. Just being surrounded by all the strong women was inspiring. There were 5 events each extremely tough and to be able to do even one of those events would require a lot of dedication. That level of fitness needs a lot of consistency and persistence in workouts and food. I am sure all participants needed to be both physically and mentally strong. 
I think I held my breath every time Michelle was doing her events, this was the first time 1 minute felt so long for me even when I was actually only watching that’s how intense each event was. Michelle did a fab job, it was her first time and she did amazingly well, she managed to 14 * 100 kg dead-lifts in one minute (I will post a link for the video a little later)
If you want to see other videos of these events check out Michelle's instagram page
If you can go see one of these competitions you must, even if you don't plan to compete just because it will prove to you what is possible, how strong you can get and I am sure it will motivate you

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  1. This lady is real strong, and she has a wonderful smile.

  2. Good for you for going along and supporting her. She looks very pleased with how she did, especially with her medal.

    All the best Jan

  3. That's awesome± I'd definitely love to see one of these competitions! :)