Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Muay Thai

Lots of Fun
Lots of Punching and Kicking
Lots of Combinations
As mentioned in my last post I chose kick boxing session for my free training session and you cannot imagine my surprise for really enjoying it so obviously the next step was to look for a class. My new gym has lots of combat sport classes so for the next few days I just kept an eye out for which class looked interesting to me and finally I narrowed it down to Muay Thai.
Being nervous and not very confident as usual I started with doing a little research about the class, then I even wrote to one of the instructors asking him if the class was suitable for beginners he said all levels were  welcome. Next step I went borrowed boxing gloves, learned how to wrap the hand wraps and then booked a class on Sunday. I had a friend with me (Who does individual kick boxing sessions regularly) so I was thankful to partner with her because I did not want other regulars to be frustrated with me for not being able to keep up 
The class started with a little bit of warm up, then we moved to punching bags which involved lots of punching and kicking and finally we had to partner up and do a few combinations. This was fun, it was very very exciting for me. Constantly kicking or punching is painful but I was really enjoying it. I remember telling myself to stop smiling so much when I was kicking and punching but I couldn’t wipe that smile of my face. Then we switched places I was supposed to be defending and I found this more difficult than actually punching or kicking, holding those punching pads killed my arms and I also got hit in the face twice. The funny part about being hit in the face was both times it was my hands that hit my face because I was not holding the pads correctly. I had no idea you actually meet your opponent half way lesson learned :) :)
As you all must have guessed by now I am planning on going for this class regularly, I really enjoyed it and had fun hopefully soon I won't be so confused with all the different combinations.

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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Unpleasant flashback

I debated a lot before actually writing this because I don’t usually like to discuss negative stuff but after a bit of thinking I realized the same situation can be looked as a learning point (everything has a positive side you just have to look)
Like I told you all I changed my gym with my new membership I was given a free session with any trainer and I chose somebody who specialized in kick boxing. My session was fun, I really enjoyed kick boxing more than I had imagined (I will write another post all about kickboxing and my new Muay Thai class). Anyways the session was good and then we sat down for consultation which was also OK he told me I would need to lose around 6 kgs the minute I heard that number I was in shock.  I know I am not perfect and I have a long way to go in terms of my fitness journey but I was still shocked to hear 6kgs...anyways I told myself that could be one of my new goals but it cannot be my focus because personally I don’t like focusing too much on the weighing machine just because then I tend to move away from actually improving in my fitness and only focusing on that number...
So after this consultation though I was not in a very happy frame of mind but I continued my usual training and then I had the same trainer come up to me when I was training with my friend/fitness buddy (she is definitely more fitter than me) and he compared us which was a big blow to my confidence. In my mind I know my fitness level and I also know my fitness buddies are way ahead but when somebody else comes and compares you it’s a completely different feeling..I didn’t know where to hide. It bought back very unpleasant memories from when I was a fat kid and was compared to my much thinner friends by other instructors
I couldn’t believe that even after coming this far in my journey somebody could make me feel the same way I felt when I weighed my maximum...for some time I didn’t know how to react, I was angry, I was upset, I was really frustrated with myself..I didn't feel good enough...finally after lot of thinking I decided I wasn’t the same person anymore the old me would never go back to face the instructor the new me will go back, I will focus on my goals and not let somebody's opinion stop me...

I am going to keep going back, I am going to give my best and I am going to reach my goals even when some people doubt me...I am going to do what I set out to do!!!
How would you handle such a situation?  or would it not really affect you?
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