Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Muay Thai

Lots of Fun
Lots of Punching and Kicking
Lots of Combinations
As mentioned in my last post I chose kick boxing session for my free training session and you cannot imagine my surprise for really enjoying it so obviously the next step was to look for a class. My new gym has lots of combat sport classes so for the next few days I just kept an eye out for which class looked interesting to me and finally I narrowed it down to Muay Thai.
Being nervous and not very confident as usual I started with doing a little research about the class, then I even wrote to one of the instructors asking him if the class was suitable for beginners he said all levels were  welcome. Next step I went borrowed boxing gloves, learned how to wrap the hand wraps and then booked a class on Sunday. I had a friend with me (Who does individual kick boxing sessions regularly) so I was thankful to partner with her because I did not want other regulars to be frustrated with me for not being able to keep up 
The class started with a little bit of warm up, then we moved to punching bags which involved lots of punching and kicking and finally we had to partner up and do a few combinations. This was fun, it was very very exciting for me. Constantly kicking or punching is painful but I was really enjoying it. I remember telling myself to stop smiling so much when I was kicking and punching but I couldn’t wipe that smile of my face. Then we switched places I was supposed to be defending and I found this more difficult than actually punching or kicking, holding those punching pads killed my arms and I also got hit in the face twice. The funny part about being hit in the face was both times it was my hands that hit my face because I was not holding the pads correctly. I had no idea you actually meet your opponent half way lesson learned :) :)
As you all must have guessed by now I am planning on going for this class regularly, I really enjoyed it and had fun hopefully soon I won't be so confused with all the different combinations.

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  1. I have heard many say how much they enjoy kickboxing - so very good to read about your experience.

    All the best Jan

  2. I really admire how you love working out and get very creative with it ALWAYS!!! :)