Monday, 30 September 2013


Carrie from Huggies and Heels nominated me for the Liebster Award, thanks a lot Carrie :)
Carrie had a few questions for all her are my answers

If you could meet one celebrity, who would you choose and why?  
Sharukh khan, I have been a fan since I was a kid

What is the best vacation you've ever been on?
The first time I went back home after moving to UK

Where did you meet your significant other?
T & I met at University (undergrad)

What is your favorite memory?
I have a lots of these...When my sister was born, family gatherings at my grand parents house for Diwali, coming to Uk with T for studying ( that was the first time I left my family and it was also my first experience travelling international)

What is your favorite way to waste time?
Talking....I can talk non stop...

If you could live anywhere, where would you choose?
Anywhere with T and my family 

What is your favorite blog post? Link to it so we can all read!
(this was a poem I wrote for my grandad)
I love all my posts on this blog and want everybody to read them ;)

What was your last New Years Resolution? Did you keep it?
I usually have a list of things I want to do every year, I have ticked a few

What is your one, can't live without, beauty product?
Moisturising cream (Nivea )

What is your favorite book?
I can't seem to pick one, i am currently reading Shantaram and enjoying it :)
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Rule for the Leibster Award nominees
  1. Link back to the person that nominated you.
  2. Answer the 11 questions asked by the nominator.
  3. Choose 11 (or less) bloggers, each under 200 followers an nominate them for the award.
  4. Come up with 11(or less) questions for your nominees to answer.
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I have one question for all my beautiful nominees
Share with all of us 11 things that you do or follow for reaching your fitness goals :)

Z from Kicking Kilos nominated me for the SunShine Award, thank you Z
 Z also had a few questions for her nominees, here are my answers:
What is your favourite most  t.v serial?
I have more than one favourite - Project runway, Modern family, Middle

Would you swap your life with anyone, if you could? Who would that be?
No one...I am happy being Tanvee :)

Who is your role-model?
I have many role grandad for his passion towards his work, my dad for the calm way he handles life, my mom for how she manages her crazy family, my sister for always being very confident, Terence for always working towards improvement...many many bloggers for their dedication to fitness and blogging :)

Contact lens/Glasses?
I don't need either but i prefer T in glasses ;)

Can you carry yourself well in heels?
Of course I love will always find me in heels ( with flats in my bag)

What was the last city/country you visited?
If you could change three things about your life(past,present,future-one from each) what would they be?
Past : I wish I was more confident and I wish I would have stood up for myself, 
Present: I wish I can be one more disciplined and hard working in the present so that I don't need to change anything about my future 

Have you met any celebrity?
Iphone or android?

Do you have a bucket-list?
Yes I have a bucket list for every year, I will share this year's towards the year end :)
My nominees are:

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I have one question for all my beautiful nominees
Share with all of us 10 things that you do or follow for reaching your fitness goals :)
I love these awards because it is way we all can connect and spread the word about new bloggers :)
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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Early Fun Friday (Jean size)

 and now .....

I remember each of these photos was some kind of a milestone for me, the first time I got back to wearing jeans, then my first skinny jeans..and finally a size I happy at :) (kind off happy)

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Monday, 23 September 2013

Running Club

A few trainers in my gym decided to start a running club, as usual I get over excited when there is something new to try and because Michelle was one of the trainers, I figured it would be fun and I would not be a complete stranger (for those of you who don’t know Michelle has been my PT in the past and I have always enjoyed my training with her)
As the date for my first run with the running club approached my excitement turned into nervousness and finally I was scared. Over thinking can be your worst least mine.
I thought about all the possible reasons why the idea of joining a running club was not for me.
I am  treadmill girl...
I barely run outside..
Sometimes I can’t even manage a decent 5K
I am no runner,
I will be the last person, everybody will have to wait for me
My speed will pull everybody else back...they will tell me to join another group
(These were just the first few; my list was really very long)
Even though this list was really long, I got to my gym on time. I was introduced to the rest of the group. We were 5 of us (Two trainers, one regular runner, one non runner (who was really good for a non-runner) and me) 

We stretched a bit and started our run. I was the last from the beginning with Michelle constantly by my side. My run was not a perfect run for many reasons, our route had a climb, we spoke while jogging I am used to no climb and using all my energy only for jogging. But who doesn’t like talking?? even when I was out of breath I was talking...I constantly had side stitches but I was enjoying my run...I got back home really happy.
My experience with the running club was very good, I had fun I was not embarrassed to finish last because everybody was sweet and very encouraging. I enjoyed talking and running to me this was like a social event while exercising :D
For those of you whose excuses/fears keep you from joining a running club here’s how all my fears were irrational
I am a treadmill girl but I do run outside once or twice a week...
Sometimes I can’t even manage a decent 5K but I have managed few decent 5 mile run
I am no runner but I am getting there
It’s OK to stop....nobody gets irritated
I might be the last person but I finished
Everybody was very encouraging irrespective of my speed
If you have a list of excuses pulling you back try completing that excuse with a fact suddenly you will notice the excuse list disappearing
As for my running club I am going to keep going, I might always be the last one to finish but I will be the most consistent one :)

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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

I am taking a Break

I am taking a break from blogging, will be back next week :)
Don't forget to workout and eat healthy !!!

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Friday, 13 September 2013

Fun Friday (A perfect weekend)

Thankyou for the wonderful comments and advice on my last post, I will surely work on it :), hope you have a great weekend
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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Are you ever satisfied?

Over the weekend I finished my first ever comfortable five mile run, by comfortable I mean I could have gone on for some more time, I had no side stitch and I was not out of breath. I stopped because my time was up and I had other plans for the day. I was expecting to be happy with my run instead I was really disappointed, does this happen to any of you? I feel like I am never satisfied, in my sane mind I know I should have been happy with my run because I have been really trying to get my breathing in order and so for somebody who would feel like a dead person within 30seconds of jogging I know I have come a long way yet I found myself complaining about how I should be putting more effort and how by now I should have been much better. 
I feel like I can never be satisfied. After every workout, every run or every measurement I am usually disappointed in myself. I am constantly trying to reach 100% and somehow I stop at 80% effort
T says I am doing pretty good and is always surprised by my reaction..initially I used to feel it is good to be not satisfied because the minute you are satisfied you stop wanting to improve and that's no good but now a days I feel it is important to be satisfied with yourself, it is important to be happy and to recognise effort you put in. You can always improve without feeling disappointed in yourself.
This is something I definitely need to work on, I need to look at how far I have come while keeping an eye on how far I need to go :)
Do any of you feel this way ever? What do you do?
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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Making a small Switch

I always find taking small steps makes the changes more manageable. Even when I decided to make healthy choice initially I did try quitting my unhealthy choices completely but I found it was difficult for me because I would feel deprived, that’s when I decided I need to make small changes and move ahead slowly.
These are my small steps:

Stop adding cheese, reduce mayo
Have only the bottom bun
Switch to a wrap
Lettuce wrap
Grilled chicken + lettuce J + dressing on the side (I decide how little to add)

Fizzy drinks
Diet fizzy drinks
Fizzy juice
Only juice à
Ice tea /Lemonade
Iced Herbal tea
Still water with a slice of lemon

Ice creams
Soft serves
Regular Frozen yoghurts with your favourite toppings (could be brownie/oreo/..)
Regular Frozen yoghurt with a little healthier topping (nuts/granola/dark chocolate chips)
Small Plain frozen yoghurt with healthier toppings (fruit)

Hot chocolate (Whole milk, large)
Regular Mocha/Latte  (whole milk, large)
Regular Mocha/Latte with skimmed milk regular
Regular Cappuccino skimmed milk with chocolate add sugar (no cream)
Small Cappuccino skimmed milk with chocolate sprinkled on top (no sugar, no cream)
Small Cappuccino skimmed milk no sugar no chocolate

Chocolate chip cookies
Plain cookies
Digestive biscuits with chocolate coating
Plain digestive biscuits
Tea biscuits
Reduce number of biscuits to one and finally zero

After meal sweet snack: Change size from large to small
Look for healthier options in the small option (only focus on calories)
Start sharing the small option
Share one part of the small option, leave a little bit and eat the last part
Frozen banana/Frozen grapes
Yoghurt with berries/strawberries/ blackberry
2 pieces of dark chocolate
1 piece of dark chocolate
I hope this can help you switch to healthier eating habits

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Monday, 2 September 2013

New month, New plan

For me August was a trial and error month for all aspects of my life. I was trying to figure out how I wanted my career to shape, I was focusing on a lot of things I need to improve in life, deciding how to change, figuring out what has not worked for me and what works for me...lots of reading, basically August was a month full of self introspection and September is a month where I am going to put all this thinking to work.
In terms of my workouts and healthy eating, I usually managed 5 days a week workouts, but because I was trying new classes and running routes I did not have a very fixed plan, I think my focus was mainly on overcoming fears, learning new exercises though in the process I lost out on maintaining the same intensity.
Eating healthy went a little off track (there was one day when I had two soft serves..usually I have my frozen yoghurt, then on another occasion I had 2 slices of pizza usually I am good at avoiding this completely I think it was stress and too much thinking that left me with no food at home we landed up with a pizza) other than these two occasion I can’t think of anything else where I went overboard. I say off track because I wanted to start 95% healthy eating (I am scared to say 100%), I was good with my calorie count, my macro nutrient ratio but still not a 100% clean
this month I am putting my new plans to work, I have a detailed plan for my studies, my writing, my blog, my food and my workouts 

This month I am focusing on becoming more disciplined, I want to stop wasting time and start doing more. I have a very detailed plan for everything I want to accomplish this month so end of the month I am going to post a snapshot of how much I really did, another thing I want to do is get over a few of my irrational fears..I carry them around everywhere and they really  pull me down (I know they hold me back and like a fool I let them hold me back) I have list of things I have been avoiding because I’m scared hopefully end of this month I will be able to tell you all 'I did it!!! I pushed through my fear'

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