Monday, 23 September 2013

Running Club

A few trainers in my gym decided to start a running club, as usual I get over excited when there is something new to try and because Michelle was one of the trainers, I figured it would be fun and I would not be a complete stranger (for those of you who don’t know Michelle has been my PT in the past and I have always enjoyed my training with her)
As the date for my first run with the running club approached my excitement turned into nervousness and finally I was scared. Over thinking can be your worst least mine.
I thought about all the possible reasons why the idea of joining a running club was not for me.
I am  treadmill girl...
I barely run outside..
Sometimes I can’t even manage a decent 5K
I am no runner,
I will be the last person, everybody will have to wait for me
My speed will pull everybody else back...they will tell me to join another group
(These were just the first few; my list was really very long)
Even though this list was really long, I got to my gym on time. I was introduced to the rest of the group. We were 5 of us (Two trainers, one regular runner, one non runner (who was really good for a non-runner) and me) 

We stretched a bit and started our run. I was the last from the beginning with Michelle constantly by my side. My run was not a perfect run for many reasons, our route had a climb, we spoke while jogging I am used to no climb and using all my energy only for jogging. But who doesn’t like talking?? even when I was out of breath I was talking...I constantly had side stitches but I was enjoying my run...I got back home really happy.
My experience with the running club was very good, I had fun I was not embarrassed to finish last because everybody was sweet and very encouraging. I enjoyed talking and running to me this was like a social event while exercising :D
For those of you whose excuses/fears keep you from joining a running club here’s how all my fears were irrational
I am a treadmill girl but I do run outside once or twice a week...
Sometimes I can’t even manage a decent 5K but I have managed few decent 5 mile run
I am no runner but I am getting there
It’s OK to stop....nobody gets irritated
I might be the last person but I finished
Everybody was very encouraging irrespective of my speed
If you have a list of excuses pulling you back try completing that excuse with a fact suddenly you will notice the excuse list disappearing
As for my running club I am going to keep going, I might always be the last one to finish but I will be the most consistent one :)

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  1. You are so awesome! I love reading your posts.

  2. Doesn't matter where you finish or how you get there. You are running so you are a runner. Love your determination:)

    1. Leigh, you calling me a runner ...I need to get out now and run :) :)

  3. That's great news for some positive effort. Enjoy the club.

  4. Hi Tanvee, Nobody really feels like a "runner" or an "athlete" or a "weightlifter" for quite a while. Leigh thinks you're a runner. I think you're a runner. And you're now in a "running club." Votes have it: You're a "runner!" :D

    1. hey Marion, taking your advise I am replying back sooner ;). It feels so nice to read all of you saying I am runner...(though I am blushing and still find it a little difficult to believe) I am happy and I will continue running :)

  5. That's awesome that you quit making excuses and just did it. I've found that the older we get the long the excuse list grows:)

    1. ...longer the excuse list grows:)

    2. I totally agree the older we get...the more thinking we do and the list just gets longer... :) I am working on not paying attention to the list

  6. What a neat idea. I'd love if you could maybe help me with my running(walking)
    I do 20 min a mile and I wannna increase my speed so badly.

    1. hey Z, I will email you later tonight after work :), I did send you an email on your other email id (the kickingkilo one) I am not sure if you use that id any longer..I will resend that email too :)

  7. That's so awesome!! You're totally a runner!! :)