Thursday, 5 September 2013

Making a small Switch

I always find taking small steps makes the changes more manageable. Even when I decided to make healthy choice initially I did try quitting my unhealthy choices completely but I found it was difficult for me because I would feel deprived, that’s when I decided I need to make small changes and move ahead slowly.
These are my small steps:

Stop adding cheese, reduce mayo
Have only the bottom bun
Switch to a wrap
Lettuce wrap
Grilled chicken + lettuce J + dressing on the side (I decide how little to add)

Fizzy drinks
Diet fizzy drinks
Fizzy juice
Only juice à
Ice tea /Lemonade
Iced Herbal tea
Still water with a slice of lemon

Ice creams
Soft serves
Regular Frozen yoghurts with your favourite toppings (could be brownie/oreo/..)
Regular Frozen yoghurt with a little healthier topping (nuts/granola/dark chocolate chips)
Small Plain frozen yoghurt with healthier toppings (fruit)

Hot chocolate (Whole milk, large)
Regular Mocha/Latte  (whole milk, large)
Regular Mocha/Latte with skimmed milk regular
Regular Cappuccino skimmed milk with chocolate add sugar (no cream)
Small Cappuccino skimmed milk with chocolate sprinkled on top (no sugar, no cream)
Small Cappuccino skimmed milk no sugar no chocolate

Chocolate chip cookies
Plain cookies
Digestive biscuits with chocolate coating
Plain digestive biscuits
Tea biscuits
Reduce number of biscuits to one and finally zero

After meal sweet snack: Change size from large to small
Look for healthier options in the small option (only focus on calories)
Start sharing the small option
Share one part of the small option, leave a little bit and eat the last part
Frozen banana/Frozen grapes
Yoghurt with berries/strawberries/ blackberry
2 pieces of dark chocolate
1 piece of dark chocolate
I hope this can help you switch to healthier eating habits

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  1. So true, I did all that too and it works!

    1. yes it really does work :) I found it very useful

  2. I use a different approach. I eat larger portions of healthier foods rather than less high calorie dense stuff.

    1. I have now changed to choosing larger portions of healthier options but these were steps I took to move away from my bad habits...slowly reducing size and making healthier choices :)

  3. I use a different approach. I eat larger portions of healthier foods rather than less high calorie dense stuff.

  4. :) nice switches. I have been trying to ditch fizzy drinks--lets see :)

    1. thanks Z, I started with reducing the amount..changing to fizzy juice then only juice...and so on...Maybe you could start with leaving half a can of coke always or sharing it..and then move on :) let me know how it goes

  5. Hi Tanvee! You're such a great role model for this.

    I tried to give up chocolate, but that made me gloomy. So I settled for a small amount that I could be entirely happy with. I have gotten incredibly selective about my food. I find that there are very few foods that I feel is worth breaking my normal food rules for. I have not had cheesecake for 1.5 years now, and I live. I haven't had a restaurant hamburger for over a year. However, I do still have a little pizza from time to time, but I calorie budget for it. I must have a cheese and onion enchilada about 5 or 6 times per year, but again I calorie budget. I go to Indian buffet about 5 times per year with my daughters--again I calorie budget. Those are probably my 4 food choices I deviate from my normal food for. I used to have dozens of foods that I ate that were unhealthy, so I've really pared it down. :D

    1. thanks Marion,makes me so happy when you say I am role model (never heard anyone say that before..will always cherish this) I haven't had a burger, pancake and so many other things for over a year now..and surprisingly I dont miss them either...but I do have my treats dark chocolate, almond biscotti, rarely a softserve and sometimes Mexican food :)

  6. I really like how you've transitioned through your foods!! :)

  7. Awesome switches! I just nominated your blog for the Liebster Award! :)

    1. thanks Carrie, thank you for nominating me for the Liebster Award, I am truly very happy :)

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