Monday, 12 January 2015

Injuries and a new lesson for me

In December I was constantly broken (injured). I hurt my knee, I sprained my right hand in both cases the pain was bad. I was limping and I had to take pain killers just to sleep.
One of the main reasons for both these injuries was not listening to my body and pushing myself more than my body could actually take. I was trying to do too much too soon.
I busted my knee trying to do box jumps. I was introduced to box jumps sometime last year...I was working out with a few friends and box jumps was in our planned routine but something held me back. I was scared I would fall flat on my face this fear of falling stopped me from jumping so while everybody else around me was doing box jumps I used it more like a big step, I couldn't even jump on the lowest box. So box jump was one of my goals. It was more about a facing my fears.Then the other day I saw somebody do box jumps and he had the box aligned with the wall that made perfect sense for me (I was surprised I had not thought of this before) this was a perfect way to prevent me from having a face-plant. So I went and tried my luck at box jumps and after my first few successful jumps I got more confident and added a squat each time I landed then I got over excited and continued doing about 100  box jumps all this was after I had finished my leg session (so my legs were dead even before I started the jumps) anyways I was very happy, I was dancing in my head 
(I was jumping like the little penguin in my head)
Finally I was able to conquer my fear and one more goal from my list was crossed off but within a few hours I was limping because my left knee was hurting so much that I could barely lift my leg off the ground . For 2 days I could  barely walk and finally when I was able to move I realized I could not run because every time I did I could feel pain in my I had to change my entire routine. I have still not got back to using the treadmill at the speed I used to sprint because it's still not completely healed lesson learned!!! 
Finally my thick brain has understood that I need to stop and not get carried away. I always knew you have to listen to your body but till this incident I think I was trying my luck but now I know...if I get carried away I will be pulling myself back.
This post is all about reminding you and reminding myself to stop pushing. I hope all of you have more sense than I have and I hope all of you never ever injure yourself. Take care of yourself only then will you be able to check all the goals from your list
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  1. Hi Tanvee, I wrote about this very same topic today...with the very same conclusions. Wow, our minds do think alike. But I really think that knowing what you put in this post is wisdom that will save you injuries in the future. So I'm glad you know this, despite the pain involved. :-)

  2. Many are guilty of not listening to their body .....sometimes it doesn't matter and we can get away with it but not often.

    We all like to push ourselves that little bit - but we must learn to think and say "that's enough for today"

    I know you love gym work but it is important to let your body heal ......please be patient.

    All the best Jan

  3. So sad to here what happned. I always thought u know what u were doing. Please take care. Please take a break.

  4. Dealing with injuries is tough, but being patient and waiting for full recovery is totally worth the time. I've also often found that after a few days off (reluctantly) I'm better rested and can perform better. Wishing you a speedy recovery!