Friday, 28 June 2013

Burpees - complete body workout

I think I first heard about Burpees just a few months back and I love them, the exercise engages a lot of different muscle groups and just like the other at home exercises you have a number of variation to a burpee

(use the links if for images to each)

Normal Burpee
  1. start in standing position 
  2. squat and touch your hands to the floor in front
  3. go into push up position
  4. back to squat position
  5. jump with your hands above your head

Easy Burpee -
To make your Burpee easier just avoid the last jump

Variations to the jump -
You can make you Burpees a bit more fun and difficult by changing your jumps
1. tuck jump Burpee
2. jump  over a step burpee
3. long jump burpee (jump in front instead of up)

Push up and Pull up
Want to make it more difficult? add both a push up and a pull up (combine this with your jump) to your Burpee.

Add weights -
No exercise can be complete without adding weights :)
1.Hold dumbells in you arms when your are doing your regular Burpee
2.You can also use the heavy medicinal balls

As usual before you start with your Burpees please warm up. Do you have a Burpee challenge in your workout plan?
I would  like to point out I'm no fitness expert these are things I learnt along the way of my weight loss journey by surfing the internet and going for fitness classes.

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  1. I really hate burpees because I get dizzy from them and they are a lot of work! That said, a person either uses or loses their ability to do these types of phys. ed sorts of exercises. I do them to keep my youth (as good as I can). :D

    :-) Marion

    1. Hi Marion, they are a lot of work, when I started I could do just five but now I think its more fun and challenging everytime I increase my count or increase my difficulty level...I love all the jumping exercises...:)

  2. Great post :). Thanks fr dropping by and commenting on my nsv post.
    I have a bad knee and I cant really do a burpee..:( I feel Iam missing out.

    1. I think burpees are the best...its like combining so many things together, but I guess with a bad knee it is better to stay away from them

  3. I wouldnt suggest the dubbells. It works in theory but it makes the pushup portion super awkward...

    1. Hi Chip, I use the dumbbells but set them aside during the pushup for me it's dumbbell for squat and jump and no dumbbell for push up, but I have seen people use the dumbbells witht he flat base for the push up step...

  4. Hey Tanvee, First time visiting your blog and I like it :) I first learned of burpees a couple weeks ago at my gym in a circuit class. After 10 I was panting for breath lol.

    Its a great full body exercise and I think everyone should incorporate them every now and then in their workout.

    Again, great blog you have here and i'll keep visiting.


    1. Hi Stephanie, thank you for the encouraging words about my blog...I love burpees, they really do workout the entire body and even get the hear rate up...if I have less time to workout burpees are a must :)

  5. Hi Tanvee! I wish your mother joyous headstands. Please tell her that.

    :-) Marion

    1. :) I day when she is confident enough I'm going to ask her to take a snap of her doing yoga and upload it here :)