Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Reactions - Reply (Healthy Eating)

Recently I have come across a few people who have completely disagreed with calorie counting or some other eating strategies I mentioned in my previous posts (here & here). 

1.     Calorie counting :
Reaction: “This is too much hard work, feels likes you are obsessed!!!
My Reply: It’s not hard work, initially it might take time but soon you get used to it, you don’t always need an app to tell you because you know by experience the approximate calories. I’m not obsessed I just make sure I don’t overeat. If you call that obsession I’m fine with it to me it’s more about taking care of myself and reaching my goal of being fit.

2.      Filling up on healthy options before going out for a meal:
Reaction: I go out to eat what I like, what use of going out if I can’t eat?
My Reply: I go out to have fun with friends and family, sometime I also go out to eat my favourite meals. It’s ok to eat what you like but if it’s an unhealthy option for me it is always better to eat less of that and if I don’t fill up on healthy options before I go out I will just be hungry or end up eating too much of the unhealthy stuff.

3.      Portion Control:
Reaction: I eat till I’m full, so I don’t need portion control
My Reply: If you are used to eating bigger portions you get used to eating more to feel full. I’m surprised at how much my appetite has reduced since I started focusing on eating right. If you focus on proper serving size and calories you will slowly realise how much your body actually needs.

I have a few friends who are healthy and still will not agree to use any of the above techniques but I have also noticed these friends already have good eating habits, they eat the right amount of food. Like my mom she does not do any calorie counting but if you notice she always eats controlled portions, she will not overeat just because it’s her favourite nor will she overeat just because we are going out, she is always sharing her meals and she sticks to her portions which I used to find surprisingly small (now I know I was eating more) and that helps her keep calorie count in place.
I think some people can manage to stick to the right calories and portions without giving it a second thought and some people cannot so they need to put in the effort. I belong to the second group and I'm perfectly fine with it.

I found these 3 techniques very useful in my weight loss/fitness program if you have some other ideas we can always exchange ideas doesn’t mean I will give up on these

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  1. Hi Tanvee! I agree 100%. Friends, especially overweight ones, who disagree with your eating habits often cannot comprehend doing any of this planning because they live rather haphazard lives for eating. When they disagree, it makes sense of their own life, even if they are not doing as well as you are.

    For us former-chubbies, we have to make deliberate actions each day. If we ate intuitively as we used to, the weight would go right back on. We used to lack structure, and now we have put it into our eating with very good success. But, to those people who object--food journaling for a few minutes a day takes as long as the time that overweight people take to pick out the best cookies or ice cream in the grocery store.

    My mother was like your mother for eating. --Like you, I could not understand that until I got to a low weight where I have to eat like that too.

    Sharing food (instead of eating it all) is really much more fun. I never go to restaurants anymore without splitting my food with another girl/woman who doesn't want to be fat either. :D

    :-) Marion

    1. Hi Marion, I think it is difficult for people to understand us especially if they are still stuck in their bad eating habits...sharing has become my way too..this time when I went back I would always share my food with my sister (my poor dad would end up sharing with everybody)

  2. I too think that people who seem "naturally thin" also have a built in way of controlling their food whether it is being very good with portions, having an innate understanding of how much they need, or staying active enough to burn any extra calories they consumed.

    I paid close attention to both fat and portions. That worked for me. I know a lot of other people who are avid calorie counters/WW fans, etc. We all have the same goal just different ways of going about it!

    1. Hi Diane, I used think they were just I know they controlled their food and managed to stay active, I agree with you about different people having different ways and not everything works for everybody the same way..

  3. I know people who are thin(god gifted) but they will eat white bread over brown ec. It's like they feel that they are 'slim. But again being slim does not mean fit?
    My brother is skinny and he eats well but I don't think I can call him fit.
    Nice post, and I will continue to read, do keep writing:)

    1. Hi Z, welcome to my blog. Thin is not fit...I totally agree with that, thank you for continuing to read my blog (your last line brought a smile to my face)

  4. I have had those reactions from my friends as well. It took a while for me to understand how to hold my ground and not feel guilty about the choices I was making. In the end, I know I'm happier for making healthier decisions. Some of my friends have said that I'm not boring because of the way I eat to which I reply, but I'm losing weight and getting healthier, that food can't be more important than that! Saying that usually does the trick ;)

    1. people keep telling me I'm going crazy or I'm obsessed that makes me feel so bad and these people never listen when I say I'm getting healthier to them I'm just losing my mind.... :(

  5. People are always scrutinizing my eating habits. I choose to ignore. No one can tell me what is best for my body, and anyone who tries to get me to deviate from my eating plan is a saboteur in my eyes. I'd never do that to someone else.

    1. Hi Leigh, I try to reason it out, I try to ignore them but then I reach my breaking point and then I write a post like this one :)