Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Level 2 for your Core

I have already covered basic exercises for core, in this post I'm listing a few tweaks that you can add to your basic forms to make the same exercise a little more challenging. You can read more about the basic forms (here)

plank with weights
plank with jumping jacks
plank with raised leg and arm
Spiderman plank (make this more difficult by adding a push up)

Side plank
Side plank with curl
Side plank with weights
plank walk

Burpee with spiderman plank/push up

Regular crunch with dumbbells
Bicycle curnch with dumbbells

I would  like to point out I'm no fitness expert these are things I learnt along the way of my weight loss journey by surfing the internet and going for fitness classes.
Let me know how you liked these exercises? Did you find them useful?
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  1. I'm going to do that Plank Pull Through tonight! woo!

    1. I just started doing those, fun !! surprisingly I enjoy the plank pain ;)

  2. Replies
    1. :) this is from my usual at home workout list

  3. This is a superb list Tanvee.
    Ramzans herr have started today & with kids and lately stress about moms surgery I not sure how to planks. But Id lovee to be. a planl queen some day.

    1. Hi Z, I hope your mom's surgery goes well and then you can start working towards becoming a plank queen :) I love doing plank competitions with friends..just to see who can hold the position for longer and if I stay the longest I feel so good ;)