Friday, 5 July 2013


Somewhere in your Weight loss journey you will come across plateaus, a time when everything stands still. I’m sure most of us who have been on this journey or who are currently on this journey have been through a time when the scales just don’t budge a time when you are doing everything right but suddenly stop losing weight, it is very frustrating and sometimes it can also be very discouraging. Here’s what I did whenever I was stuck in one of my many plateaus.

Make sure it is a plateau:
Just because your scales have stopped showing a change does not mean it is a plateau, it could mean many things so before you come to any conclusion check the following:
Are bad habits creeping in?
Sometimes unknowingly bad habits creep into our life, one bite here, one day less at the gym... you might not even realise these small things but they make a difference. Every small good habit counts
Are you making assumptions?
Sometimes you think you are eating right but the calories keep adding up so it is very important to know what you are eating and how much you are eating, instead of just assuming you are eating the correct amount why not do some research or use one of the food apps or talk to an expert just to make sure you are on the right track.

Doing everything right – then why plateau?
The weight comes off at different rate
For me personally when I started my weight loss I was losing weight at a faster rate, every week I would lose a few pounds for sure but as I continued I started losing less, that’s because my body needed to lose less overtime.
So when I weighed around 200 pounds I lost faster than when I weighed 150 pounds because at 200 pounds I had lose over 70 pounds and at 150 pounds I had to lose less than 20 pounds...
Body gets used to exercise and food
When I started my weight loss my body was not used to exercising or eating healthy, initially just eating one healthy meal and a walk was enough for me to lose weight but then my body got stronger, walking was easy I needed to do more. I also needed to revisit my eating habits and add one more healthy meal to see more changes.

So how do I handle plateaus?
Switch things up
Exercise:  If I jog for my cardio I change it to climbing stairs or I switch to climbing hills..even these small changes help me.
Add intensity: sometimes I increase weights, other times I use lower weights but higher repetitions, when I’m jogging I reduce the time but increase my speed...such things usually help me.
Calorie intake: this is something I have read about not really tried it very often, but you can also switch your calories by increasing your calorie intake one day and reducing it the next (so that you are still within your range for the week). I do switch up things I eat while still sticking to my calorie count...
Don’t give up
I know it is very frustrating to stop losing weight but I just don’t give up that easily, no way will a plateau take me away from my fitness goal, For me it a challenge or a good obstacle that I need to pass before I reach my goal. I call it a good obstacle because to me a plateau is another sign telling me I’m becoming better and getting closer...

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  1. Nice one again. I have a misconception that once we go to gym we should continue doing otherwise it may have negative effect. Is it true as per u?

    1. Hi Gopinath, according to me if you go back to old habits of no exercise and eating unhealthy you will go back to old self...but if you for some reason quit the gym there are lot of other ways of continuing with your exercise and being healthy, I would personally join the gym and continue for as long as I can and if I can't I would make a different workout plan.

  2. Hi Tanvee! I think you did a solid explanation and good answers for what to do about plateaus.

    Someone who had already lost many pounds but still needed to lose more asked me about her plateau. I told her that, "Your plateau tells you that you are being successful in keeping all of those pounds off, but your formula isn't tight enough to make you lose more." People often think of plateaus as failures, when they are actually maintenance of a certain weight--that a person might have worked hard to achieve in the first place.

    Sometimes, also, it appears to be a plateau, when it is actually very slow weight loss. I have lost 4 pounds from March-June, which appears like a plateau but is not.

    :-) Marion

    1. Hi Marion, I think when you look at plateau as a failuer it spoils everything.I barely lose weight now, though with every workout my body is getting more toned but weight is something that barely changes and if I would have let that effect me I think I would be so discouraged to workout..
      I no longer think I'm stuck in a plateu just that my weight loss is slow or not really neeeded any more..

  3. Great explanation of plateaus and a wonderful way analyze what is going on when the scale stalls.