Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Diwali + Long run (with a fall) + Navata

This weekend we celebrated Diwali (Diwali is a festival of lights). I have many wonderful memories of Diwali. Every year on Diwali our entire family comes together, my grandparents, uncles & aunts, cousins everybody under one roof. We light divas (oil lamps), lanterns; my mom makes special Diwali delicacies. The entire house is usually filled with lots of love, laughter and good memories.
Ever since I have moved away I have my own simple Diwali. We put up some tea light candles in the house, bought some Diwali delicacies (I can’t make them, we had to go looking for small packets because it was only two of us), I got dressed up in an Indian outfit (dressing up is one of my favorite parts) called home and had a good time.
My run
I started my Diwali by going for a run. I had planned a 12k (I have never done more than 10k but that was getting comfortable (no stitches and no tight muscles) so I just thought of giving 12k a try. The deal was to complete 12k even if I had to walk the last 2k surprisingly I managed my 12k within my goal time no walking, my running club is really paying off ;)
The highlight of this run was my fall, around my 7k I have no idea how but I tripped suddenly I found myself on the road with lots of people looking at me with concern. Luckily for me other than a bruised knee and torn tracks there was no more harm done. What surprised me the most about this incident was how much I have changed?  If the same thing would have happened to me few years back I would be so embarrassed and I am sure I would be in tears but this time I got up thanked the people around who helped me and I was back on my run, I was only concerned about my knee for a bit and my other concern was finishing my 12k (which I did, yay!!!).

4th November was my sister’s birthday; most of you know she is my best friend and one of the most important people in my life. I remember as a kid I always wanted a sister, I was worried about having a brother because I did not want to play with cars and wrestle instead I wanted somebody to play ghar ghar (house) with me. I have seen her grow up from a small cute kid to a smart youngster and our equation has changed from just being sisters to being best of friends.
 (This is something I wrote for her)

'My baby sister '

I have watched you grow
From a baby who held on to my hand
To a girl with a confident stand

I have seen you take your first steps
I have heard your first words
Now when I look at you
I smile at how fast time has gone by

From my baby doll
To a partner to visit the mall
Together we have built castles in air
Stood strong, as we have seen them break

I'm glad I have a friend at home
Who listens to me talk
Who, copies my walk
Who talks till I sleep
Who makes me laugh when I weep

I want to tell you
How precious you are to me
A reflection of mine in your eyes I see
Thank you for being such a great friend
Thank you for being such a great sister!!!

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  1. Happy diwali. That's great pictures. Congrats for your run and ur spirit. Liked ur sister love. Convey my wishes to her.

    1. Happy Diwali Gopinath, wish your family too :) thank you for your wishes and comments

  2. Hi Tanvee! Your Diwali holiday looks beautiful.

    I have an Indian dress/top that my daughter brought me back from her travels in Singapore. It's similar in style to what you're wearing above but a little shorter tunic-sized. I've never known exactly what to wear with it. Okay, leggings. :D

    Your sister looks so much like you! She's adorable.

    Sorry about your tumble, but it's so true that people with lower self-esteems see those falls as jinxes or omens while more confident people just pick themselves up and keep going. Yay for your 12k run! :D

    1. Hi Marion, Diwali is a lot of fun, i love how we light up the entire house, I wish I had more photos to share. The top i am wearing you can get them in different lengths and cuts depending on which you can decide what to wear it with, I usually pair the longer tops with leggings and the shorter (waist length) tops with jeans or maxi skirts
      I was so surprised about the way i got back up...I can promise you a year back I would be crying and embarrassed to get out jogging again...

  3. That is a lovely tribute to your sister:)

  4. I really admire you spirit of getting back up and running - hopefully one day I can also be able to do that. Your looking amazing.

    1. Thank you Abi, once you believe that you can do t and you start focusing on getting things done these things will not matter, i am sure you will manage :), thank you for the compliment

  5. Happy Diwali Tanvee.

    Your pictures look great - thanks for sharing

    All the best Jan

  6. Happy Diwali! :)
    Congrats on your 12 k run - that's really awesome!

    1. thank you Ayesha, Happy Diwali to you too...the 12k was a good surprise...I am hoping I can keep up this weekend

  7. Awesome run Tanvee. Congratulations! And a happy belated Diwali:)

    1. thank you Leigh,I just hope I can keep up the miles...