Thursday, 31 October 2013

Trying to find the right balance

I have heard a lot of people complain about 24 hrs not being enough I find 7 days not enough :). My problem is deciding a good workout plan, I don’t feel like giving up on any of my workouts and this results in me working-out minimum 6 days a week. Which OK but sometimes I get really tired, my poor muscles are sore if I skip one of my workouts then I am in more trouble because somehow my mind doesn’t let me skip a workout I have this need to cover up my missed workout by adding that workout to some other day. This way either I lose out on my rest day or more often than less I do an extra work out on one of the other days and the cycle of tired muscles continues
I feel like I want it all, I want to improve my strength, I want to  become a runner, I want to try new classes and I am not willing to give up on any of my classes, I have already stopped zumba because I can’t fit it in my schedule any more. 

My week looks like this (most of my sessions are 45 minutes)
Running (2 runs at normal speed, 1 interval training and 1 long run)
Spin/RPM (twice a week: Tuesday and Thursday)
Circuit/Body pump (once a week: Saturday)
20-30 minutes Hill training (once a week: Saturday)
Weights: 3 time a week (excluding body pump/circuit)
One day Rest

There are some new classes in the gym that I want to try without giving up on my above schedule, doesn’t seem possible, so I am looking at creating a better and more productive plan. Somebody suggested instead of weekly plans I should spread all my workouts over two weeks..
What do you all do? Do any of you go through this or am I the only weird one?
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  1. At first, I wanted to do everything and do most things on alternative days, but it just didn't workout with my family's schedule. So now, I work out only on weekends, except my jogs/walks with Keebler. And I'm still in great shape! Don't be afraid to do a little less. The days of rest will make you even better on the exercise days. :D

    1. Hi Marion, I can't figure out if I am afraid to do less or if I just enjoy some of my workouts so much that I am not willing to not do them...I usually try and stick to 1 rest day but because of this schedule I sometimes workout twice a day...once before work once after work...I have to work this out soon

  2. I totally get where you're coming from. I'm still trying to find some sort of balance and figure out how to get all my workouts in. When you find a solution -- let me know! :)

    1. I am still searching :) as soon as I can make some sense of this weird situation I always find myself in I will share it with you :)

  3. Just finished reading all your posts - your such an inspiration, and your posts have been very helpful

    1. thank you so much Abi :), your comment made my day