Thursday, 24 October 2013

Circuit Training

I just started an outdoor circuit training class, I do it on alternate Saturdays, alternating between body pump and circuit training. So this post is all about Circuit training, basically everything I understood about this form of training by attending two classes and doing a little bit of reading.

Circuit training is doing one exercise for a particular period of time before moving to the next.Usually the time for each exercise varies from 30 seconds to a few minutes. In my class we do every exercise for 1 minute.
When you go for a circuit training class you have a number of exercise stations and you are expected to workout at each station for a given time. It does get challenging depending on your fitness level, for example in my circuit class the stations that focus on lower body are easier for me (1 minute is not challenging enough for me) but the upper body stations like pushups or plank to push ups kill me in 1 minute.
From what I have noticed a circuit workout usually covers whole body workouts, in my class every circuit has 3 exercises.
Circuit =  1 upper body and core + 1 lower body + 1 cardio + 1 compound (strength with cardio). 

We repeat all our circuits twice and between each circuit we do a set of burpees, mountain climbers and jumping squats. The good thing about circuit training is that you are constantly moving, it is fast paced and I really do push myself while doing few of the exercises. I was used to keeping counts and I would usually stick to 12-15 before changing to the next exercise and coming back to it later but doing an exercise for a minute is a different challenge altogether, usually increases the number to a lot more.
Personally I would prefer doing it maybe once a week when I want to combine my strength and cardio in a limited time. I am going to ask the trainers if it is ok for me to put up the routine we do, if they are ok with it that’s what you will read about next.
Do you do circuit training? What are your circuits like?
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  1. I still need to include circuit training in my exercise!
    I know it is very good for your metabolism
    Are you on I.G?!

    1. Hi Z, it is good..I do it once every two weeks, that is because every other day I have some other workout scheduled :) so I have to swap it with my body pump class. I am sorry but I am not sure what you mean by I.G?

  2. I love circuit training classes, though it's been a while since I've attended any! They're such a great way to get an intense calorie burn on and challenge your body!

    1. I just started, it is fun...I love the soreness after class...I think I have never worked my abs this much takes atleast 2 days to get back to normal...

  3. I don't do it. May be sometime later.happy weekend.

    1. Hey Gopinath, you shoud try it, I will be posting my routine next week so maybe you try that ;)