Sunday, 16 February 2014

As promised list

As promised...5 things I love about myself
(this list actually took more than one day...)

  1. I love my hair (this was the easiest)
  2. I am a happy person: Small things make me happy.I genuinely feel happy every time it rains, it snows, the sun is shining...I have no idea why but it makes me happy - Terence finds it ridiculous but every season seems to bring a big smile on my face. Just talking with the people I love makes me happy.Flowers make me happy...
  3. I don't give up easily : I am stubborn and keep getting up. After the initial fear phase (I am usually stuck in this phase for very long) but after that I don't give up easily. I might fail (and I do fail a lot) but then I will put more effort I will keep trying till I get there I don't usually stop..
  4. I am a positive person: I am good at looking at the positive aspects in situations, I believe things will work out in the end so in most situations this belief keeps me going
  5. I am easy to get along with :)
What are the five things you love about yourself?? I would love to read about your list...

Keep Reading I will Keep Writing 


  1. Wow lovely list Tanvee ! Would ve been nice if we were closer :)

    1. thank you Sheetal, if we were closer it would surely be loads of fun:)

  2. Love the list you have compiled of yourself.
    5 things I love about myself:
    - I make people laugh;
    - My fit and healthy body;
    - I'm a very determined person;
    - Organised;
    - Disciplined.

    1. your list is great Marleen...disciplined is something I really hope I can add to my list, just now I am disciplined about my fitness but the rest needs work :)

  3. Good post, I enjoyed reading your list. My list of five things I like about myself....
    1. Tenacious
    2. Levelheaded
    3. Sewing talent
    4. I work at staying healthy.
    5. Inquisitive or nosy depending who you ask. *GRIN*

    1. I think being inquisitive is great..I think people who are inquisitive learn a lot more in life , thanks for sharing your list with me :)

  4. Good to read about ur list. My list goes like this;
    I am punctual about my habits.It may seem boring to many but I like it.
    My mood can change very easily.
    I m very organised.
    I hate lies.
    I am seriously trying to keep fit and healthy.

    1. Hi Gopinath, being punctual is a rare quality most of the people I know are always late...very irritating I hate it !!! even being able to change your mood is a very good quality...thanks for sharing your list with me :)

  5. :) you have a great list and I always get a great sense of warmth after reading your blogs and mails.
    1. I am honest
    thats all really.

    1. thanks Z, You have so many more great qualities...I love the way you keep up with your blog, I think you are a very friendly person, I also think you adjust very well...I can go on but this is supposed to be your list ;) I am sure if you spend a little more time you will come up with all 5

  6. Great list Tanvee ... at the top of mine is family, loving, sharing, caring, giving, laughter. Everything else is insignificant.

    All the best Jan

    1. Hi Jan, all the things you mentioned are so important to live a happy life,thanks for sharing your list