Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Outdoor training Vs Indoor training

The other day somebody asked me if I prefer outdoor training or indoor training and my immediate response was outdoor training but surprisingly I do a lot more of indoor training.  Here’s a little bit of my experience with working-out both outdoors and indoors

Ever since I started running outdoors I get bored using the treadmill. I used to have patience of using the treadmill for long runs but now I can only do about 20 minutes and even in those 20 minutes I can't just stick to running at a constant pace I need to do interval training to keep my mind occupied on the treadmill even music doesn’t help beyond a certain time on the treadmill
I find running outside very entertaining. I love seeing the world go by, I love seeing other runners, I get extra happy when a runner smiles or nods at me suddenly I feel like I am a part of invisible running group.  Another wonderful thing about running outside is the wind blowing, every few minutes I feel refreshed and the occasional drizzle also feels lovely during my runs.
Outdoor training wins in this department for me.

I love my RPM (spin) class in the gym. I love the music, I love the energy in this class. I really enjoy this class, It’s as challenging as I want to make it and usually I am drenched by the end of a 45 minute class.
I also enjoy cycling outside though I enjoy cycling only on the cycle paths away from all the traffic. I am not very confident of cycling in traffic. I don’t have my own cycle so I rent a cycle when I plan to go cycling outdoors. T enjoys cycling too so we spend a lot of our weekends cycling around one of the cycling paths in and around London
I can’t decide which one I like better – RPM or cycling outdoors but I definitely do indoor spinning more often maybe if I had my own cycle and if I was more comfortable with riding in traffic I would be able to decide which one I like better.

Body weight exercises and Calisthenics
The first time I did these exercises outdoors was when I attended the outdoor circuit class and I have attending that class ever since. Doing all these exercises outside actually gave me more confidence. Exercising in the park when people are sitting around sipping coffee was not easy for me it was completely out of my comfort zone. Working out in a group outdoors helped me, I doubt I can do the same thing alone (I am still not that confident).
I have attended my outdoor class in the rain and in freezing temperatures. I have worked out with my group when people passing by have stopped to comment on us working out...all this has actually increased my confidence and improved my attitude.
It’s easier mentally to do all these exercises in the gym where you are surrounded by people doing similar stuff not that easy to do when you are surrounded by people relaxing and a few staring at you..
Outdoor training wins in this department because it pushes me out of my comfort zone which is always a good thing.

Weight training
I have always done weight training indoors, either at home or in the gym. I am not even sure about how I could do it outdoors. I doubt I would carry my dumbbells or kettle bells outside for a workout and I use a lot of other machines for my weight training so outdoors is out of question for me
In this department indoor training wins (I have no idea how this could be done outdoors)

I love training outdoors because it is more entertaining and refreshing but when I count all the factors I end up indoors more often than outdoors.
What about all of you? Do you prefer training outdoors or indoors?

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  1. Very few outdoor exercises are there when compared to indoor exercise. I don't go to gym so I do my yoga etc indoor at home and walk outside. Outside is always refreshing as u also pointed but it is better to do with a friend etc but I do alone.

    1. there are lot of outdoor yoga classes held in the park here..I have not done those but they look fun. Outdoor with a friend is always fun...can you not workout with your wife? or a colleague from work?

  2. The great thing about exercise is that it's good for you whether done inside or out.

    Mind you a good walk or run in great outdoor space where you have some trees, plants .....nature. Can't beat it.

    All the best Jan

    1. I completely agree with you nothing can beat working out surrounded by the nature...I am tired and refreshed at the same time :) :)

  3. I love running outside, but I also like my treadmill too. I use my tm when it's too cold to run outside!
    I take spinning classes, and love them! I don't own a bike though, but I'm sure I would love cycling outside too.

    1. I used to be able to use the treadmill for long runs but ever since I started running outdoors some switch went off in my brain and now I only love my outdoor runs...I do a lot of spin classes too..they are so much :) :)

  4. I had posted a comment yesterday surprisingly it has been eaten by blogger.
    well.i prefer indoors.

    its too warm outside adn humid as well to run or.just walk.

    I did try one workout class outside but the heat...blaaah.

    so indoor it is!!!!

    1. yes if the weather is bad then outside can be irritating..but otherwise outdoors run is so much better than the treadmill...

  5. I've been doing MetaFit class outdoors and I love it! I also like outdoor walks and (mild) hikes. Now that I'm in a country with fresh air and greenery, the outdoors definitely appeals to me -- though for weights, I like to be indoors, mainly because I need to focus ;)

    1. outdoors is the best...I love the greenery and fresh air to especially when I am tired it refreshes me...

  6. I ran my first 6K on a treadmill last week and I swear I will never do that again. My worst run ever and it felt neverending:-( Anything I can do outdoors trumps inside:-)

    1. neverending is the perfect word for treadmill runs...I seriously get so bored, intervals are the only things that work for me on the treadmill