Monday, 7 July 2014

Pre aand Post workout meals

Pre workout
Things I keep in mind before my workouts
  • I need enough energy to keep up with my workout 
  •  I need to be comfortable while working out that means I don’t want feel hungry or too full 
  •  I need to be well  hydrated otherwise I get dizzy
What food gives energy ??? Complex Carbohydrates!!!! Complex carbohydrates are the best form of fuel because they release energy over time so it helps you sustain your workout over a period of time (read more about this here).  
When deciding your pre-workout snack also keep in mind not to choose something that has too much sugar because that will give you energy for a little time before your energy level dips (read more about this here).
Most research shows ideally you should be eating a combination of complex carbohydrates (great source of energy), protein and fluid making sure your choice is low in fibre and fat (fibre is difficult to digest)

Some of my favorite pre-workout snacks are:
  • Yoghurt with berries
  •  Only berries 
  •  Fruits (I always have a banana) 
  •  Smoothies (this I avoid if I am running but when I am doing weights smoothies are fine) 
  •  Sweet potato (boiled/baked/grilled – I always have this around) 
  •  Multi grain crackers  with a slice of turkey/chicken (this is rare, but when I do have these I have about 2 of these)
The other important thing I carry with me is water. I always carry water. The minute I am not well hydrated I start getting a headache and feel dizzy irrespective of what I have eaten water matters the most.
I change my pre-work food depending on my workout too especially if I plan to go running I have my pre-workout snack around 2 hours before my run again water is something I carry with me even if it is just a short run
Keep in mind depending on your workout intensity and the time for which you will be working out your choice of pre-work food will vary

Post workout
Things I keep in mind after my workout 
  • I need to restore the balance in my body. I need to restore the lost fluids. I need to have enough energy to carry on with my day.
  • I need my sore muscles to get back to normal asap so I can continue working out during the week as planned
According to everything I have read when you exercise your muscles break down the muscle glycogen and muscle protein structure so these two things to need to be retained. In simple words after you workout you are tired and your muscles are sore both these things need to be taken care of.
What food helps best in muscle recovery??? Protein!!!

Some of my immediate post workout snacks are:
  • Protein shake with ½ banana 
  • Protein Bounce balls 
  • Water, coconut water 
  • Peanut butter with apple 
  • Left over chicken with couscous 
  •  Boiled eggs with sweet potato or other vegetables
Usually my workouts are scheduled either early in the morning or just before dinner time. Most days I have a very small post-workout snack because it is usually followed by one of my main meals.
Pre and Post workout both need a combination of good carbohydrates and protein just the ratio shifts. Pre-workout you need more energy so higher ratio of complex carbohydrates and post workout your body needs to recover so you need a higher protein ratio

Pre-workout our focus is on energy post workout our focus has to be on repair and recovery.

I hope you found this useful. What are your favorite pre and post workout snacks?

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  1. That is the right information at the right time for me. I think I am missing out on that water (constant headaches)

    1. dehydration is the worst..headaches and also sometimes dizziness, keep sipping on water during your workout and also dues during the day...I hope your headaches disappear :)

  2. I just go for a 45min walk and do 20suryanamakars and 10mins exercise incl abs every morning. I just take 1 litre water with some lime before all above and have cornflakes with milk post all above. Is it ok?

    1. Hi Gopinath I am not a big fan of cornflakes but if it works for you and you can manage to stay energized with your breakfast then that's all that matters. Try adding a fruit to your breakfast.. it will give you more energy and also you will feel less hungry as the day progresses.

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  4. Especially like your three points in the pre workout ....hydration is so important.

    All the best Jan

    1. Hi Jan, How are you? Water is one thing I never leave the house without...even when I am just going out for a long walk with T I carry water.

    2. Hi Tanvee ...I am fine many thanks, and busy as ever. It is so important to keep hydrated especially with this hot weather we are currently experiencing.

      All the best Jan

  5. I think drinking tins of water is important as you mentioned.

    1. :) very important..I think staying hydrated takes away fatigue, no headaches and dizziness also during workouts..

  6. My favorite as a post-workout snack is a fruit shake. It's usually made up of two pieces of banana, whey protein, a bit of sugar, spoonful of peanut butter and ice. It's really good. Sometimes when I'm not too lazy to cook, I prepare myself some pasta and fruit juice.

    1. I also have protein and banana as a post workout snack..especially after my weight training peanut butter for me because I don't have control and can never stick to only spoonful :)