Thursday, 21 August 2014

I can also have fun

A lot of people assume just because I am very particular about my fitness and my food I don’t really have fun. I know a few people who are on their weight loss journey and get miserable at the thought of going out, they avoid meeting friends and family. Personally I don’t think that’s the right way, just because you are making healthier food choices or exercising regularly doesn’t mean you have to cut yourself from all the fun.
I go out for dinners, I love brunch on Sundays, I go out for movies and I also meet my friends over coffee many times. I have not reduced my social life I am having fun and still staying healthy

Here are a few things I do that help me

When I am hosting
If I am hosting I make sure my menu is interesting and healthy. My menu is always 90% healthy.  I might not eat bread but doesn’t mean my family or friends can’t have bread with their meal, that’s why 90% healthy. I will usually make two options for my dessert one which will be a healthier recipe (there are so many great recipes online) and the other is a regular option.  Over time I have noticed people usually always enjoy the healthier option more and most of them are pleasantly surprised. There are times when I make only the healthy option and nobody has complained nor have I had leftovers :)
The only issue is finding the correct recipes and making sure they are good. I don’t want to serve something that is only healthy I want to make sure people enjoy it too. These days I know the sites with good healthy recipes but initially when I had just started I would always experiment on T (that’s how I narrowed down a few sites that have perfect recipes for me)

When I am invited to a party
If I am invited to a party I have no control over the food that will be served but I have control over the choice I make when I get to the party and I am good at exercising that control.  
I eat only things I think are healthy, sometimes I might taste or take a small bite of the unhealthy stuff. If somebody is really forcing me to eat something I don’t want to I will usually smile and say ‘No thank you’ if that doesn’t work I will say ‘I will take it later’ and keep avoiding it.
The worst case scenario is when you lose control over what you eat. If I ever eat more than planned at a party depending on how much more I ate I balance it out in the following days. Usually I will add a few extra minutes to each of my workout for a week (I don’t compromise on my rest day) and I eat healthier than usual for one entire week.
Basically I either control my choices or I balance out my wrong choices with extra workouts

When I dine out
If I know where we are going in advance then I always check the menu and know what I am eating. If it’s a last minute decision I stick to chicken or salmon with different vegetables. I always look for baked or grilled options.

If I am going out for drinks I avoid cocktails, I usually alternate between a glass of wine and a glass of water. It’s good to be hydrated and I always plan an early morning workout the next day this keeps me on track. The next day I usually go for a long run and then for the entire week I add a few extra minutes to my workout.
If I can I carry chopped fruits otherwise I take a cup of coffee. Recently we went for an outdoor movie with a few friends. We had strawberries, apples, grapes, Olives, nuts, multiseed ryvita thins and flavored water I doubt anybody missed popcorn or nachos

I think I have covered most things I do when I am out socializing. Like the title says I can have lots of fun while choosing to live a healthier lifestyle I hope you can do the same
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  1. These are great tips! We spend a lot of time with my in-laws and that usually involves eating out. Thanks for the insight!

  2. Whatever your lifestyle it should be fun, fit and healthy ....well I hope so.

    Great tips.

    All the best Jan

    1. I totally agree if it is not fun fit and healthy then it's boring and sad

  3. I used to get crazy at the parties, but thanks to you it's getting better now!

    1. :) :) I sure hope you are handling all your parties better Z

  4. I love this post. I think these changes seem intimidating at first, but they really do become part of a routine once you decide to make the change. "I always plan an early morning workout the next day this keeps me on track." -- This is something that has helped me when I travel. Lately my vacations have revolved around taking advantage of different MMA training centers. Planning an early workout helps avoid bad choices the night before. It's a great strategy. I honestly feel that it is people around me that are more concerned with my healthy choices than I am ... oh well! :)

    1. early morning workouts are the easiest way to stay on track when I am out at night..if I have that on my mind I know my limits...overtime people around me are getting used to my choices..or maybe I have changed a bit and now they don't effect me as much so I ignore their concerns completely...