Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Rushing through your workouts - Big NO!!!

I have noticed a few people rush through their floor exercises or their core training. I was one of them when I started. There are many reasons why we rush through our workouts two of my most common excuses for rushing through my exercises were No time and I wanted to do more repetitions.I focused more on the number but soon realized it was not really effective.
Here are a few reasons why you shouldn't be rushing through your exercises

You will lose form and could hurt yourself
When you do quick movements your focus shifts from the exercise form and you will injure yourself. For example if you rush through your crunches there is a possibility of you straining your neck or if you rush through your squats you could hurt your knee or your back and these injuries can stop you from working out for a long it's not worth taking the risk

You don't really work your muscle
A lot of floor exercise need you to breathe properly and engage your muscles. If you rush through your exercise you do not give yourself enough time to complete the entire motion of the exercise (full range of the exercise). When you do your exercises quickly it's more like taking a short cut. Also a lot of core exercise focus on keeping muscles engaged through stability and balance but if you rush through these exercises it increases movement and reduces stability.

Over exertion (this is specially true when you are doing weight training)
If you don't give your muscles the appropriate rest time between sets you will get cramps in one of the later sets  or your pull your muscles because you will be straining your muscles. The correct amount of rest between sets is important otherwise each set will become less effective than the previous.

So what to do when your are doing floor/core/weight training
1. Focus on form not on number
2. Rest between sets (not too much rest. Too much rest is not very good either)
3. If you have less time do fewer exercises but make sure to do them properly (no short cuts)

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  1. Form is very important, which I learned in performing my push ups. Just slightly dropping the hips, means arching the back and that leads to back pain for 2 days after I have done the exercise. By slowing down and concentrating on my form, I have eliminated back pain :)
    Nice post.

  2. Good advice, I'm afraid of aggravating an old shoulder injury and really pay attention to form.

  3. No rushing at anything is not always the best policy ...especially exercise.

    Warm up down.....and feel the benefit.

    All the best Jan

  4. Ya I get it. I end uo doing few wrong though. Like squats.

  5. I think your posts are full of info. Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Do you know what thigh gap is?

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