Thursday, 18 September 2014

Gym Fears

If you know me you know I have loads of fears. Naturally the gym also came with a set of its own fears. From my first day in the gym to today I have conquered a lot of my fears and I am slowly moving towards getting over the last few.

My very first fear was about being the only fat one in the gym and being stared at because I was so unhealthy:  I have said this before and I will repeat myself nobody cares!!! People are focused on themselves and their workout.Nobody will bother to look at you or your size. Everybody is there to improve themselves nobody pays gym membership to judge others

Flying off the Treadmill: Even now I get worried about this one so I take as much precaution as I can, I always manually set my speed, I have my hand very close to the stop button and I don't talk or watch anything when I do treadmill sprints. If you are new to the treadmill you can read my post starting cardio machines for newbie

TRX : I always make sure it is fixed properly before using it. TRX training focuses on body weight, balancing and slows controlled movements. I always start with one set of the easiest form of exercise that means I don’t use my full body weight in my first set. Example if I have to do bicep curls I will do first set with one leg bent and at a higher  angle  because this way I am more in control than when both my legs are engaged and I am at a lower angle. I change to the difficult form only once I am comfortable with the easier form.

Stability (Balance) ball: This was one of my latest fears to overcome thanks to a friend of mine who was very persistent. First step in this was just to get comfortable with using the ball. The best way to do that is to sit on it, again don’t start with your entire body weight. Also try to position your self next to a wall for balance and make sure your feet have a good grip on the floor to avoid slipping. I did not start with any exercise initially I just got used to balancing; I am still in the playing with the stability ball stage but now I don't fear using it. 

Pull up/Chin up bars: I am still not using this mainly because I am not strong enough for it yet. .but I did try it and once when I was trying my hands gave away and I fell on my friend who was helping me...This was one of my fears coming true falling/tripping, embarrassing myself, hurting myself but luckily after that fall we were both OK though I decided not to do it again because I was lucky not to get injured but I don’t want to risk it.  It was not as embarrassing as I had expected it to be, we laughed, trainers around asked us if we are ok and we continued with our workout, 2 minutes after the fall it was as if the fall had never happened.

These were a few of my gym fears, I am sure as I continue my fitness journey I will have to face many more. Do you have any gym fears? How do you handle them?

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  1. Maybe you could find another word for fear in these cases, perhaps being cautious. Real fear is a serious event. It is a mind killer, it is a stern master, and if you live in its house, you will be its slave!

    Which you obviously are not :-)

    If you are ever faced with real fear, the best thing you can do is stamp it out and kill it immediately! Then when you have the luxury of time, process what you went through.

  2. Nice post Tanvee :) mine are similar too..I was specially self conscious during group exercise classes... But ended up loving the body pump class at the gym. The stability ball is a fear too,hopefully I will get over it some day.

  3. But you work through your 'fears' .....share experiences with others, which does good all round.

    All the best Jan

  4. when I read what 'scares' you I realize, that I am in pre-school of work-out! Keep it up.

  5. I can totally relate to these fears!!