Friday, 26 September 2014

When I am disappointed in myself

I am sad..
I am Frustrated..
I am disappointed in myself...
I can go on with a long list of negative words/sentences that a lot of people who are trying to lose weight use very often. I get it; I have had those days too, today being one of them. I am not very impressed with the progress I have made but instead of crying over it (I did cry for sometime) here’s what I did

I asked myself if I am ready to Give up? if I am willing to accept that I won’t be able to do more. If I am willing to accept I can’t improve or change then what use of crying over something that I believe can never be changed?  If the answer to this question is ever 'Yes' then you will not be reading my blog anymore.

The next thing I asked myself was have I really given my best?
Have I really put in the effort I had planned to? Have I really eaten everything as planned? Or have I slipped without realizing, like sometimes I might not do as many hill sessions as planned replacing them with longer runs which are more comfortable for I might be working out but not at the planned intensity which my body needs to see a change. If I have not given my best I am not going to be seeing the best results either.

Next question to be answered is How long has it actually been?
I started training with weights quite a while ago but I was not very regular at it, I was more focused on body weight exercises and cardio so for me to expect any noticeable changes based on those few weight training sessions was foolish because I was not consistent. But for the past few weeks I have started including proper weight training sessions. If I want to see any change because of weight training I need to start tracking from the time I started doing it seriously not when I was just playing around in the weight room, the same goes for any other training and progress.

Final question – am I overdoing anything?
I am very good at overdoing stuff; a very bad quality of mine and sometimes over training is a reason for not seeing improvement. I have been told time and again to reduce my training by trainers I have reduced it a bit but I find it very difficult and I know that is one of my biggest obstacle that keeps pulling me back (I need to figure out a way for this)

Usually after I answer these question my mind is a more clear because I know I am not ready to give up on myself and when I look at my work out details I realize it is usually too early to expect results. Next time you feel frustrated or discouraged try asking yourself these questions maybe they help..

Keep Reading I will Keep Writing  


  1. Actually its more of the last point . . . . . overloading.

  2. I think you are too hard on yourself Tanvee. You are amazing and just need to trust that whatever you do is right.

    I am zero...Over train. ..haha...I am happy when I get my daily. .workout done.
    I have been on a diet for 9 weeks and slashed please don't be hard on yourself.

  3. It's so important not to be too hard on ourselves. please don't be.

    All the best Jan

  4. Nice strategy. Simple and results. Keep going.