Saturday, 8 November 2014

Different ways I track my progress

1.       Sticking to my plan :
This is my favorite way to see if I am moving ahead. I am a believer in hard work and for me consistency and persistence is very important. If I my plan is working out 5 times a week and eating a certain amount of calories so for every week that I am able to do this I feel like I am moving forward. I might not always see a change in my size or my weight but the longer I stick to my plan of living a healthy life the further I leave behind the unhealthy me.

2.       Running distance :
My focus on running keeps shifting, but whenever my workout plan includes running I have different markers to see if I am progressing. I usually stick to the same running path, so I keep in mind how I feel (do I need to stop, are my legs hurting, am I getting a side stitch) at these points. So if I no longer feel the need to stop at a certain point or if I can run even a little further that’s a progress.

3. Speed :
I use this only during interval training on the treadmill. I keep track of my sprinting speed on the treadmill.

4.   Intensity:
I do a lot of circuit and interval training; many times my workouts are time based. So I will keep track of how many burpees I can do in a minute and if I can do atleast 1 more that’s a progress

5.  Strength :
From the time I have started doing weight training I have started to keep track of the weights that I can lift and the repetitions I do. Small changes like how I feel during my last repetition matters to me or if I can squat lower with good form even towards the end of my set that’s a progress.

6.  Last but not the least the weighing machine and how my clothes fit : Personally I am very keen on reducing the impact that both these aspects have on my fitness journey but as of now they are still tools for me to track my progress.

Having so many different ways to track my progress is  good for me because this way every week I see myself improve at least in one of the above which makes me happy. What do you do to track your progress? do you have any other tools?

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  1. HI Tanvee,
    These days I keep a track mostly by pictures and clothes.. its more motivating than the scale :)

  2. I love my workout chart. It really keeps me focused and motivated.

  3. I wish to be slim and trim but I cannot work out every day. Lack of dedication.