Sunday, 23 November 2014

What to do when I am really busy

For the past two weeks or a little more I have been really busy, working really long hours so my usual workout schedule was naturally affected. I knew I had a busy few weeks but I was very determined to stick to my usual workouts and very soon I realized I couldn’t keep up, mainly because I had very few hours of sleep most nights so I was already tired but that doesn’t mean I missed a workout just means I changed my workouts.
This is what I do when I am busier than usual

  1. First things first I tell myself I need to go easy on myself, If I have gone to bed at 4 am then a 6.30 am gym session would not be easy
  2. I tell myself I need to be flexible and do the best I can in the time I have. So I didn't have fixed rest days instead my rest days changed mainly depending on my workload and also my usual workout time changed (no early morning if I had gone to bed very late)
  3. I workout during lunch hour, sometimes I workout really late after my work and this meant I couldn’t make it to my usual classes (as long as I get my workout done..)
  4. I did shorter workouts and changed my routines 
  5. More sprints, intervals and I combined Weights and Cardio in one session 
  6. I created alternative workouts plans that I could do at home 
  7. I planned and prepared most of my food on weekends. I did more detailed planning because I knew once the week starts I wouldn’t have time and I did not want to be left in a situation where I would have to eat something unhealthy just because I didn’t plan properly.
All this helped me; I still managed my 5 days just different routines, I think I did alright . How do you keep up with your workouts when you are crazy busy?
Have you all checked out my new 'Food and Workout Details' page? I still have to start including my workouts. What you think :)

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  1. You are truly committed. Carry on. Good to see ur food page and you tracking things to be in more control... All the best

  2. Sounds like with forward planning you did ok

    All the best Jan