Friday, 6 December 2013

Actual Planning

Now that you have an idea about how your days will be we can work on the next step that’s planning
I have two separate plans one for workout and one for my food. I always base my plans on my weekly goals for both my workouts and food. So for workouts my plan is based on how many days in week I want to work out and for I keep in mind my calorie count. You could decide some other benchmarks for your plans.
For my workouts I have a minimum number of days I want to workout, I usually decide a minimum of 5 days. On my usual days I have a very fixed routine, I have a few classes I attend, I go jogging and I do a little bit of weight training. But during this time of the year things change a bit because usually I am out visiting family, so I can’t stick to my usual classes or gym. T usually joins the gym when we go back but I don’t. If you think you can join a gym when you are on vacation good for you but if you are like me I use everything available and create a new workout plan for my vacation.

Workout Options:

  • Cardio options: jogging (possible anywhere), climbing stairs, jumping rope (at home) 
  • Weight training : I am still a newbie so I have not reached very heavy weights as yet but I do have some weights at home (India), I use those and I do a lot of exercises using my body weight. 
  • Home workouts: I usually either do circuits or supersets (1 cardio + 1 weight) minimum rest in between intervals 
  • Time to exercise: Early in the morning before anybody wakes up, late at night after everyone gone. If I have a dinner party to attend or if I have plans for the entire day I usually wake up early, very early and finish my exercise. Even on Christmas there no one awake at 5:30 in the morning so I am done with my exercise before anybody else wakes up and once everybody is awake I am already done with my workout so I am more relaxed. There no excuse to miss the early morning workout, there is no place to go that early, nobody is around to entertain and there is no work that early. The only time I switch my early morning workout on vacations is when I am travelling or when I have people staying over because of which I have very late night. 
  • Rest Days: Normally I have one fixed rest day but when in holiday mood I change my rest day based on my other plans. So if I have a day where I am busy shopping, cooking and I am sure I will very tired that day I might use the next day as my rest day or if I am travelling that day becomes my rest days. 
  • Minimum Workout plan: 5 days workout + 2 optional rest days

Now you have no excuse to miss your workouts, what do you think?

Food Options:
My food planning is simple, log everything I eat and stick to my calorie count – no excuse
I believe in sticking to my calorie count, just because I’m celebrating does not mean I will let go. There are some things that my mom makes which I won’t get when I am back in London so even if they are not in my daily healthy food list I will eat them but I always make sure I control my portions then again the desserts which are always available or which don’t really matter much to me I don’t waste my calories on them at all.

  • How do I do portion control? I believe in two things sharing and eating bite size. I usually avoid eating one entire serving I will share it with anybody ready to share otherwise I cut the dessert into bite size pieces and have one bite.
  • Another important thing I keep in mind is to eat cleaner around the one meal. I don’t skip any meals just so I can keep all my calories for one meal because if I stay hungry usually I will have less self control. So I have a healthy breakfast, healthy lunch and even healthy snacks.
  • Next thing I do is fill my plate with the healthy options. There is always meat, there are always vegetables I fill my plate with these two things and then I do portion control for my favorite unhealthy options
Another important thing that happens during this festive season is people questioning my choices. I lost most of my weight after moving away from home so everybody is focused on what I eat because most people assume I am starving myself. They are usually very concerned, they try to make me to eat more. The one thing that helped me get stronger was being proud of my new lifestyle and sharing it with people. If I tell them exactly how much I eat and what I do they are less worried and usually leave me alone. I was not somebody who could ever say no easily so this was one of the most difficult things for me to manage and I am still learning to handle people. Initially I would give in, then there were times when I would not eat but I would get very upset with people judging me but now I think I have reached a point where I am happy with how I live my life and because I am happy I am not afraid to stand up for myself . I don’t get upset or angry instead I try my best to explain my point of view if they get it good for them if they don’t it doesn’t affect my choice either

I hope this helps you make your holiday plans, next I will share with you my actual workout plan :)

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  1. I too exercise mostly 5 days. But I may do on holidays too sometimes. You gave good ideas about food control. I don't know how to count calories may be need to know it. Happy weekend. I m off to legoland Malaysia with my son for a day. Hope to have fun.

    1. thank you Gopinath, you could use MyFitnessPal app on your phone for counting calories (I find it useful). I hope you have a good time at legoland with your family

    2. Thank you will try the app. Yes had a nice day.

  2. Hi Tanvee your planning looks good.

    May I ask your "There is always meat, there are always vegetables" Do you at times also include a fish dish in your meal plans?

    All the best Jan

    1. Hi Jan, most dinners I have been to always have salads/roasted vegetables and baked or roasted meat so I feel its the healthy option as compared to all the fried stuff, bread and other things :) , I do have fish maybe twice a week for dinner we have baked salmon/basa with vegetables :) my usual meals are very simple..
      I am hoping I can execute my plan :)

  3. Love your well thought out plans. Failing to plan, is planning to fail for sure. And you have a fool proof plan:) I work out 5 days a week, and the only excuse to miss a workout? If I'm dying...or have broken something;( Awesome job Tanvee!

    1. thanks Leigh, I am a big time planner,I am always planning for everything in life...can't do without your attitude, you are always an inspiration :)

  4. loved the plan!! and even better that you actually stick to it.

    most of the time when I go to Chennai my workout plans go hay wire!!!

    1. thanks Sugar, initially I did find it difficult to stick to my plans whenever I went back home but a little more effort and these days I can manage it :)