Monday, 16 December 2013

These are a few of my favourite things...

This post is all about things I love (other than fitness and writing). Little things that make me smile

I love having my entire family around. Having people I love around me (friends & family) makes me so happy!!!!
so many people are missing from this snap (my grand parents, my uncles & aunts, my cousins & my friends)
I love decorations and lights (when I see the entire street lit up I feel like I am in a different world)
I love listening to carol singers (sometimes I join in), beautifully lit street and good music can always make my day better
love the street decorations
I love when it snows (It makes me happy to see snowflakes, first time I saw snow was after I moved to UK)
I love when it rains (I love the earthy smell of rain and sipping ginger tea)
my first snowfall at university - 2009
I love coffee, I am always ready for a cup of coffee

I am always having coffee..
  I love cuddling with my teddy bear. Good mood - bad mood a cuddle is always a must
I actually carried my cutie all the way to UK
I love when people I don’t know smile at me
I love getting dressed up (not a makeup person but love heels and dresses)
I love posing for the camera (this is a brand new one), as soon as I see a camera I smile :)
dressing up and posing in the museum of costume - Bath

I have so many more things but I think I should keep the rest for another post, what are the little things that make you smile?
Keep Reading I will Keep Writing 


  1. Tanvee - what a lovely post. I like all your pictures and my grand-daughter would just adore your teddy bear.

    Thanks for sharing.

    All the best Jan

  2. Awww... this is such a cute post!
    I love all the christmas decos and yes the snow too... :-) Just lovely :-)

  3. Reading this post with my morning coffee was a great way to start my day.

  4. Lovely post for all of us that tells you have life other than fitness and walk Nice to learn more about you. Will wait for next post. I m reverse I keep smiling always but the moment I face camera I become serious and all my pictures are with serious look, I tried to change but not able to ..still trying. I like many things early morning sun, coffee, chatting with friends, movies, eating sumptuous food, nice street decorations, chocolates, I like to see pretty people( I know its considered bad but I can't help it)...

  5. Hi Tanvee, Lovely post. You're a beautiful and interesting person. What you value is about who you are. So...wonderful for you. :D

  6. I loved this post. I can relate so much myself to this. I love almost everything you mentioned above. I always believe in Life is beautiful with so many colours. We should enjoy to the fullest. :-) .