Tuesday, 3 December 2013

December Posts

Week 1 : This week will be about everything related to January Jeans Club 2014
 I Pledge to *NOT GAIN WEIGHT*  During the Holiday Season!
(how I will make sure I fit in the same jeans after all the festive celebrations and my long break)
  1. Steps before planning
  2. Planning
  3. Facing obstacles 
Week 2: This week we will discuss my actual workout and food details
  1. My December workout 
  2. My December food strategy  
  3. Not missing out any fun
Week 3 & week 4 : This week we will do a Recap of 2013
What do you think? email me or comment below if you can think of anything else :)
I am looking forward to this month
Keep Reading I will Keep Writing 


  1. Hi Tanvee, I look forward to your perspective on January Jeans Club! Can't wait to read it. :D

    1. I am hoping you find my perspective interesting..I enjoy your January Jeans Club posts a lot :)

  2. I m excited about ur 2014 jan jeans club and recap of 2013 too....I cant think anything else but may be about your new year eve this year and any spl new year eves u remember

    1. I am glad you are excited...I will make sure to right a post about new years eve :)

    2. thnx for your suggestion Gopinath