Wednesday, 25 June 2014

How to make meal plans work

  • All of us are different (Copying won't work) : just because I like mushrooms doesn't mean everybody else will, I need coffee everyday doesn't mean everybody needs coffee. When I plan my meals I make sure I am happy with my meals. I choose my favorite vegetables, fruits and a lot of things are a repetition in my meals because they make me happy. I always make sure I have a variety in every meal. I love when my plate looks colorful.You need to make your own food plan based on your personal needs, your own likes and dislikes such that you are happy with your meals.Your meal plans should satisfy your hunger and not make you feel deprived. It should be such that you are eating enough to sustain the workout you plan.
  • Different situations means different plans: I make my own meals and T usually has no problem with the simple food I make so I don't have to make two separate meals...I am OK with making certain things in bulk over the weekend but when I go to India things change I don't usually I change my meal plans. From eating baked or grilled everyday I eat homemade Indian food but I make sure I still always make healthy choices. I know friends who can't eat soups and salads everyday but that doesn't mean they don't make healthy choices. You can switch your favorite recipes to make them healthier, you can reduce portions of things that are unhealthy and increase portions of the healthy options when you feel you have no's always possible to make a meal plan that works...all you need is a little bit of creativity.
  • Details details and more details : it's easier to stick to healthy eating when you plan everything and your kitchen is stocked accordingly. If you plan your breakfast, your snacks, your pre and post workout food, your lunch and dinner you don't have the opportunity to make a mistake or go off track. Even when I go out for work meetings I usually check the menu before I reach, I carry my snacks...I always know what I am going to eat I avoid surprises as much as I can...this takes some effort initially but at some point things fall in place and it becomes very easy now a days I even know which aisles in the grocery store I need to go to and I know what to order when I eat out .
  • Don't get overwhelmed and make things complicated : making healthy choices is not as difficult as you think. Start with switching things you feel are unhealthy in your daily food..then move to reading labels and reducing processed food. My food plans are always based on fruits, vegetables, egg, meat, fish, yoghurt and natural/homemade protein bars. I avoid buying canned or processed stuff, I stick to homemade whenever possible and when I eat out I stick to grilled/baked with dressing on the side. This is easy and works 95% of the times for me because most of these are basic, simple and readily available.
I hope this helps you make your meal plans :)

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    1. thanks Sheetal, how are you doing?

  2. Good blog. It will be very helpful for me.

  3. You know Tanvee - this makes a lot of sense and, mostly, this is what I do. I prefer the healthy option, I stock up on fruits and veggies BUT - I hate over planning my life and if I plan a meal for the evening I invariably change it around because I'm already bored with it. What do I do about that?

    1. Hi Kalpanaa, welcome to my blog :) Maybe if planning is not something you like to do..especially with your evening meals..why not keep a few healthy things stocked up in your kitchen so you have no choice but to cook long as the kitchen is stocked up only with healthy options you will end up making healthy meals only...
      does that make sense?

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    1. thanks A, have fun in Vegas :)