Thursday, 12 June 2014


I promised I would tell you all the new things I have been doing these of my new experiences was attending a yoga class
Even though I always do my warm ups and do my cool down stretches my muscles were starting to feel very tight and I was constantly getting cramps...not a good sign. I knew I had to change my workout plan and a trainer at the gym suggested I try yoga.
The yoga class I attended was longer than all the other classes in the gym; it was close to 2 hours long. This was the first time where I was entering a class with no expectation from myself; otherwise usually I have a plan. I know how much I want to push myself in all my other classes but this class was different because my aim was only to stretch my already strained muscles... (So no pushing myself)
Anyways as soon as I entered I introduced myself to the instructor told her I was new and that I had never done any yoga. I positioned myself in the front row (this was also new- first day and in front row, if you know me you would be equally surprised but I didn't want to end up doing something wrong and hurting myself so front row it was)
The class was very interesting. The atmosphere was different, lights were dimmed, no shoes, everybody looked more relaxed and less pumped up.
We did a lot of different asana each focusing on slow and controlled moment. Slow and controlled is very difficult. Holding a position even for a few seconds requires strength. In the 2 hours that we had I also managed to make a fool of myself because I could not coordinate my hands and legs for some of the asana. I would always get confused even when the instructor would point out my mistake I would still be confused till she would come to me help me get into the correct asana
The thing I loved most about this class was the atmosphere it was very calm but at the same time every position needed effort which was very surprising. It was like I could feel the effort I was putting in but I was still relaxed. We finished the class with a 10 minute meditation session which I could not do properly because I was worried about falling asleep
For those of you who haven't tried yoga you should definitely try at least one beginner’s class. It’s different to the usual high intensity classes but it still does amazing things to your muscles and strength. I am planning to keep going back whenever I can :)
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  1. Congrats on your first yoga class! I really like yoga. I found a class called "Runners Yoga". It's one of my favorites.

    1. Thanks :) what's runners yoga? Do they have different asans that help runners?

  2. I just got my yoga mat out of storage but I haven't used it yet. I'm looking forward to getting back into regular yoga practice and I would love it if there was a class nearby my place -- something to look into for sure. Glad you enjoyed your class!

    1. I had fun...It surprised me :)

  3. Great going Tanvee ... so pleased you enjoyed the class.

    All the best Jan