Monday, 16 June 2014

Lower Body and Cardio Circuit

A few weeks back I was approached by Priscilla Liang from for sharing a post about my workouts. She shared with me their circuit workout which looked very interesting to me. Here’s the workout she shared with me.

 and now my work out. I change my workouts every few months.  My latest circuit is a combination of weights (not very heavy) and jumps

  • Squats with 24 kg kettle bells 
  • Jumping squats 
  • Lunges with 10 kg dumbbells in both hands 
  • Jumping alternating lunges 
  • Sumo squat with 24 kg kettle bells 
  • Alternating narrow and wide squat jumps 
  • Dead lift with a 20 kg barbell 
  • Burpees
20 repetitions each and 5 sets of each

Cool down – stretches (I do a few more, but these are my favourite)
  • Downward dog 
  • Child pose is my favorite
Usually all this takes about 50- 55 minutes and all those jump exercises always get my heart rate up. This is one of my circuits; I have other circuits for my upper body and core. I will share that with all of you soon J
What kind of circuits do you all enjoy? 

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  1. Reading others points of view - I think it may be a good idea to change or alternate your circuits as you are doing ...but I'm no expert.

    Keep it going you're clearly enjoying it.

    All the best Jan

    1. Hi Jan, Usually I do this circuit twice in a week. I have different types of workout and usually I rotate my workouts every two weeks because I seem to enjoy all of them and I don't find enough days in a week to be able to do all...

  2. Looks like a fantastic workout! I need to work on strength training so this looks really helpful.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :D