Saturday, 22 March 2014

Another fitness journey – Taiyiba

At this point in life I knew I couldn't become a PT immediately because I have some milestones I want to reach and I need to get my PT certification done for which I currently lack the resources but  I also knew I was very keen on being a part of somebody else’s fitness journey. Sometime towards the end of last year I finally decided I needed to find a way of doing this so I sat down with Michelle (read about her here) and told her what I was keen on doing. Michelle very sweetly introduced me to one of her clients. That’s how I met Taiyiba.
Taiyiba trains with Michelle two days a week, she does one day of Michelle's RPM class and she trains the remaining 3 days with me – that’s 6 days a week from 13th of January 2014. She has been doing great, I am extremely proud and happy to be a part of her journey so I thought it would wonderful to share her journey with all of you…

Here’s Taiyiba for all of you J

Have you tired losing weight before? How is it different this time?
Yes many times, I have been a yoyo dieter since the age of 16. I feel more focused  this time and I have company at workouts 

What keeps you motivated?
Health reasons and I have always wanted to be slim so now when the pounds are shredding it motivates a little. Working out with someone and talking about my food with someone keeps me motivated. This is the first time I have someone I can discuss and plan my foods with and exercise with so I feel motivated a little more.

Other than losing weight have you noticed any other changes in yourself?
Yes I feel more active and stronger. I also feel a little bit more confident and happier.

What's you usual food like?
I try to eat healthy even though I have a nibble here and there. Breakfast is normally porridge with fruit or yoghurt with fruit or eggs, lunch would be protein with salad or soup with crackers or some rice/pasta in moderation though. (Those second helpings have vanished).
Have you given up on anything completely?
Nope I eat everything just in proportion now. I have been told many times that giving up something completely (may it be food or doing anything else) would make u go back to it after sometime, so no I eat a bit of everything but my portions have definitely gone smaller

What's you exercise routine - how often do you exercise in a week?
I try to exercise 6 days a week but sometimes it's 5 days a week but a minimum of 4 days for sure thanks to you

Which exercise do you enjoy the most?
All floor exercises such as crunches of any sort leg raises, Russian twist etc (easy peasy ones)

What is your favorite healthy food option? 
Salmon with salad.

One advise you would like to give anybody who wants to start their journey of losing weight? 
Take it slow, find a buddy if u can't train alone like me training with Tanvee is fully recommended.

Before & After two months – weight loss of 17 pounds in 1.5 months

That was Taiyiba for all of you, I am hoping every few months/weeks I will be able to share an update on her journey with all of you, she on vacation now but once she is back we will be back to business J

Next post is all about how working out with Taiyiba & Michelle is a learning experience for me.

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  1. That's great news. Congrats on starting off on your mission. All the best. It was new thing for me.

    1. thanks Gopinath :) I have been wanting to do this for sometime now it's great to have started doing it

  2. Once again, thanks for sharing all your news, and wishing you well on your future plans.

    Love the salmon and salad!

    All the best Jan

    1. thanks Jan :)
      bakes salmon is something I love too...

  3. That's awesome!! Well done to Taiyiba.
    I'm also working with one person at the moment, and every time I see her at the gym working out on her own and going through our routine, it makes me so happy!

    1. I know what you mean, I think I feel happier than her when she completes a week without missing a workout :)

  4. This is very interesting and very true here. So nice. Thank you.

  5. Wow well done Tanvee and Taiyiba.