Monday, 31 March 2014

Working out with a newbie and a fitness pro

I have mentioned this before on the gym people who put in the effort are the ones that impress and motivate me the most. They do not have to be extremely fit but they are the ones who are trying and they are the ones who are consistent...
This post is about why you should give working out with others a chance (newbie & fitness pro)
When I planned my workouts with Taiyiba I focused only on her exercise. I do my own training separately. All I expected or hoped from our sessions was to make Taiyiba regular in her workouts and get her to become fit nothing more but soon I realized these sessions were helping me to revisit some very important lessons I had learned during my own Weight loss journey.
Once eating healthy and regular exercising became a part of my life I have not had a problem with that at all my problem has been with changing my attitude about how I feel or how overwhelmed I get with trying to reach a goal which keeps moving ahead..

Focus on overall progress:
Every time she makes an improvement I get over excited...she measures her progress only in inches or weight but I feel happy when she works out all 6/5 days as planned or when she increases the time she could be on the step machine without stopping or when she increased her repetition..all these things are her progressing for me and when I tell her this it reminds me what I need to focus on. Even now there are days when I get frustrated about my inches. I feel like I am not improving enough because I haven't still lost all the fat on my legs,when I tell Taiyiba inches or weight is not the only sign of progress I also repeat it to myself and that reminder is very important for me.

Small steps and slow down: 
I always tell Taiyiba to make small manageable changes, changes that you can maintain for life...I know it's difficult. When I started I always gave myself only a few months to lose all the weight gained my entire life..I never succeed because I could not stick to my plan ever...extreme dieting or extreme workouts are not feasible and I make it a point to tell this to her because it's easy to get carried away(starving..or working out too much, no rest days) and go down the wrong path...again every time i tell her this i remind myself to slow down...I am always running trying to improve in so many aspects in my own fitness journey sometimes it's overwhelming.

I am now a morning person :)
The other nice thing was suddenly I became a morning person. Usually I train with Taiyiba in the evenings so I need to get my workouts done early in the morning suddenly I can hear my alarm in the morning...what realised was if I have a fixed plan and i know exactly what I am going to do and if I have no choice of doing my workout anytime later I have no problem waking up, even on weekends I have started getting up earlier just to  finish my own training before we workout..

I think I have become more productive
She has two kids, she works full time and she trains as planned only thinking about this makes me want to work harder :)
Moving on to working out with a fitness pro
From newbie to a a fitness pro - my favorite trainer Michelle
Off course I have learned new exercises and she tells me about healthy food blogs and books but the main thing about working out with a professional who enjoys fitness is that their enthusiasm is contagious.

Fitness is more fun:
I seriously have not come across anybody who would be so enthusiastic about working out. She has conducted classes with equal energy when I am the only one in class, she never complains to continue with an outdoor workout even if the weather changes suddenly...working out with her has made me enjoy my workouts a lot more. It's more like playtime 

Trying new things:
She introduced me to the outdoor gym ( this place makes me so happy), she is responsible for my hill sprints...they hurt but we don't stop...I am slow but I don't stop...we climb stairs and do other exercises in between our runs..I think my confidence has gone up along with my stamina,sometimes during our run she suddenly increases the pace and I find myself running at a much faster speed than usual :)

Working hard:
When I look at Michelle I feel like working harder, her first class starts early in the morning and she has clients till later in the evening being so busy she still makes time for the running club, she joins in races just to give us company. Again looking at her makes me want to waste less time and work harder.

This is what working out with people in the gym has done to me, I have not only learned new exercises but I have changed as a person, I have become more confident, I constantly remind myself what was really important in my weight loss journey and I have become more hardworking....
Have you ever worked out with others how has it helped you?

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  1. I love working out with someone else who is just a motivated as me or even more so. Being able to do all my training with Jodi was amazing because it helped me love everything that I was doing even when it felt like she was killing me! I work harder in those sessions and it's much more fun overall.

    I also spent the winter working out with a bit of a newbie and it was great to bring someone along and share that enthusiasm all over again. If I could be a personal trainer without the $600 certificate I totally would do that on the side of my current job.

  2. It can be enjoyable to exercise with others - can be more motivational too.

    All the best Jan

  3. Good to know u support others and also take support from others. I know it's useful but never got a chance to do so. Nice blog again.

  4. Good going Tanvee! I for one have hard time taking instructions from a real person,I can't have anyone tell me what to do! I am a 'miss know it all' lol! Unless it is of course Jillian Michael's! Preaching someone is hard too :) haha

  5. Great thoughts! Working out alone has goods point as well, but the support of working out with a partner, a friend, or a group of people can be a huge difference to the output. Alone or with a group, motivation is still the key, so remember to always keep it up!

    Ari @ InFighting