Tuesday, 9 April 2013


A lot of times at the end of my plans I realise I have not reached my expectations and most of times I get upset with myself. I feel like I will never be able to reach my goals and it goes down from there for a while...
Over time one thing I realised is my plans don’t end with the expected result because my effort is not as expected.  What I’m trying to say is I know in my heart I don’t give my 100% to of my plans, so if I don’t give 100% how would I expect my result to be a 100%
The worst thing about doing things halfway through is you constantly feel like you are putting in the effort. You know initially there was this phase when T would not work out for a week every now and then because of too much office work but I would continue doing my workouts miserably because I had to go alone and T still managed to lose weight as planned and I would find myself complaining.
Finally I had to ask the difficult questions 'Even if I was working out 5-6 days a week as planned how many of those workouts did I really put in my 100%?? I would plan to be within my calorie limit but how many times did I end up eating less than required or eat one unhealthy meal and skip the rest to maintain the calorie count, that’s not giving my 100% and that’s exactly what would reflect in my result.
So now before I complain about any of my plans failing I ask myself if I gave my 100% (This applies to everything in my life)
Every time your plan fails don’t complain or get depressed instead see if you gave your 100%, every time you plan to do a workout think of doing your best don’t let that 1 hour go waste by doing it half heartedly, every time you want to eat something not in your healthy list think if you can really manage without it? If you can then eating it is not giving 100%
This month try focusing on giving your 100% to every workout you do and every bite you take see the difference.

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  1. Hi Tanvee! Well, you sound a lot like my 20 year old daughter. She goes 90 miles per hour all day long every day. Some days, she doesn't realize how well she is doing because she is so very tired. So you have to watch out for that misjudgment when you're tired.

    In my experience, the people who keep challenging themselves day after day are the people who get very good at things. You might not feel like it's 100% at all because it's very awkward to try new things. It's also discouraging to not be good at things that when you're a beginner of a new exercise. So it doesn't *feel* like 100% when it is actually *better* than being perfect at stuff you already know.

    :-) Marion

    1. Hi Marion, I smiled when you said your daughter doesn’t realize how much she does because she is so tired, that’s exactly how I feel a lot of times, but at the same time I feel I have not given my best,I always end up feeling like I could have done better (I think for me it’s got more to do with self esteem, that’s a different post altogether, I still have to figure how to change this about myself)
      Trying new things is difficult for me because I feel uncomfortable but I usually don’t get discouraged instead I like challenging myself and sometimes I take it too far (doing too much too soon) and end in pain :(
      In this post what I was trying to say is that there used to be days when I would go to the gym just to tick that off from my list, but I would not put in the effort required so even if I would go to the gym all days in a week it was not worth it, instead if I would go 4 days and make sure I give my best that would have made a difference.

  2. I am a tad concerned about feeling like I have to give 100% to everything I do. That is an impossible task. It just is. I truly believe 80-90% is more than sufficient. And I'm a control freak. LOL While I certainly understand you feeling you aren't giving your best, I would strongly suggest you not feel 100%, 100% of the time is required. It will exhaust you and burn you out, faster than you might think. Try to do better, sure! Just don't push too hard, or you set up goals that will be unattainable, and that will surely backfire.

    Love you!

    1. Hi Gwen,
      I feel so nice when I read your comment especially the ‘love you part :)' ‘you are a gem'. If you were in front of me I would give you a hug.
      You are right about me not feeling like I give my 100%, I always feel like I could have done more, sometimes it does affect me negatively and I really have to learn to handle this...
      On the other hand here I was pointing out my mistakes when I would do things half heartedly and complain about not seeing the results, like I mentioned there was a time when I would eat a burger for lunch and then not eat anything for the entire day because of would exceed my calorie limit, that was wrong that was not giving my 100% , even if I stuck with my calorie intake such eating habits could never really get me anywhere, so if I wanted to see a change I would have to put in the best I could offer...

  3. Marion and Gwen,
    I have to tell you both I really do appreciate your advice and in a very short time span I have already learnt so much from both your blogs :) thank you.

    1. Thanks, Tanvee! I have learned from you, too. :)

  4. I guess for me I have to accept that I can never "always" give 100 percent and be satisfied with doing my best. Now there are times when my best is just ho-hum and I could give it more effort, but there are other times when my best really is acceptable.

    Don't be hard on yourself and give yourself grace. You are only human!

  5. I was having this exact same conversation with myself earlier today ... sometimes I feel like it's all I can do just to show up, and I think sometimes it really is enough, especially when I know that 95% of the time I'm putting in a lot of effort and usually my best effort. Sometimes you need to step back and take a break. That doesn't necessarily mean don't exercise, but it means just do something that doesn't put so much pressure on you (mentally or physically) so that you can get back to giving it your all as soon as you can.