Monday, 13 May 2013

Fitness student

I always believed consistency and constant improvement is very important. Initially I would think ‘If I workout consistently for one year I will be good, I will know all there is to fitness and living healthy’ I thought gyming or working out had a small learning phase and the rest of the time it was just about maintaining to improve.
But I realised quickly how wrong I was if I wanted to improve I had to be ready to learn constantly too. When I started running, I thought the more I practice the better I will get and I did get better but when I read about the different breathing techniques and practiced those suddenly I noticed I could run longer. Now I’m reading and trying out different plans to help improve my endurance. If I would have continued being consistent with the same routine without trying to learn more just because I know how to run I think I would be left far behind.
It is also very important to keep your mind open to new ideas and suggestions. First day in the gym I was month in I was still learning things and now a few years in I still find new things I haven’t tried. Same machine different ways to maximise your effort or same exercises done in different ways, like the single leg squats that I have been doing for over 2 years can be done in a different way I noticed a lady in the gym doing it in a different way so as soon as I got back I tried her way and sure enough I found it more difficult than my usual single leg squat. If I would have been satisfied with my squat and not tried the new form I would have definitely missed out on a good exercise.
 One final thing about learning is everybody in the gym or everybody who works out, basically anybody who is even remotely connected to fitness has something new and useful to offer. Just because you are not a yoga person doesn’t mean you should ignore the advice of a person who does yoga, you might find those breathing techniques useful for your other workouts or you might start enjoying yoga. When I started my weight loss journey I focused a lot on losing weight and reducing my lower half so all my exercises were leg based  and I did lot of cardio. I ignored any or all advise related to upper body and abs and now I feel disappointed because I notice the difference in my ability to do my leg exercises and my upper body exercises, if I would have paid attention earlier today I think I would have been in an overall better condition.

3 things I always follow

  1.  Always be ready to learn 
  2. Have an open mind for new ideas, techniques and suggestions 
  3. Everybody who workouts (any form) can teach me and help me become better
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  2. Hi Tanvee! Super message. If I could say one word to people in the gym that encapsulates it all, it would be "receptive." I agree that so many gym buddies that I really didn't anticipate helping me--gave me super advice that made so much difference. One gym buddy even saved me from disability from Lyme disease.<<That is rather amazing, but only because I listened to others.

    :-) Marion

    1. 'Receptive' that should have been the heading :D I just could not figure it out. I think I learn everyday even by just keeping my eyes open and looking out for new techniques constantly, I take so much time to talk to somebody but when I do I always come back with new things :)

  3. I totally agree. I find that I learn something new - either about fitness, about an exercise, or even about my own abilities/strength - every single day. Getting fit is the gift that keeps on giving :)

    1. Sometimes I'm surprised at things I learn, everything from healthy food, exercises and even comfortable workout clothes ;)