Friday, 24 May 2013

Fun Friday (new jogging path)

Usually I jog on the streets but the other evening I decided to change my path and enter a park, I'm so glad I did, it was beautiful and look who decided to give me company on my jog..
Holland Park - about a mile from home :)
This is what I do when the tubes are empty ;) and then a good lunch - baked salmon with salad and ice tea

I love the rainbow of colours on my plate, that's healthy, yummy and far from boring
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  1. What an amazing place to jog and live!

  2. it really is amazing :) I love jogging there makes me feel happy..

  3. I've always run the road less traveled! Lots more fun and interesting that way.

    I haven't gotten to run in London, unless you count running from plane to plane at Heathrow, but I did get to do a double decker bus tour :-)

    1. I like running on the streets in London its always entertaining but I definitely love jogging in parks and in beautiful nature it makes me happy :)

  4. Lovely!! I always miss the greenery once I leave London!