Saturday, 4 May 2013

Bad mood..No time..(how do you handle it??)

Bad mood.. No time...
How many of us have used this excuse to get out of workouts???? I had reached a phase in my life where everything was usually planned and workouts helped me with my mood but...the past one month was not a very nice time for me, I'm not talking about bad mood because of small arguments or no time because of work pressures, sometimes life happens and things suddenly take a turn for the worst.
Till now I have always managed to stick to my workout when my mood was bad or when I was stressed and almost all the time I would come back happier from the gym. So even this time when I was stressed I had planned to stick to my workout routine and healthy eating habits...but this time my level of stress was a lot higher so I really found it difficult to get to the gym, it was more about getting ready and getting out than just wanting to sleep. Initially in the first week I did try and go for my classes but when I was attending one of my zumba classes I got so frustrated because I was in no mood to listen to music and dance I just stopped mid way and walked out (big surprise!!! How was my workout not making me feel better??)
I was still not willing to give up my workout or healthy eating but after that episode I did relax my routine a lot. I realised the importance of mental health, so for the last month I did work out just based on how I was feeling. I did go for long jogs (no sprinting, no increase in my speed) just comfortable long jogs where I could think, some days I broke my workouts into smaller routines of 20 minutes (1 hour on the whole) I did lot of workouts at home, I did not stick to my regular time instead worked out when I felt like it...sometimes even late at night (I was having trouble sleeping so I worked out). I may have not burnt the same amount of calories as my usual workouts but I managed to workout 5 days a week (That made me happy)
This month was a learning experience for me (entire post on that coming soon) from a healthy lifestyle perspective I realised planning might not work, other things become a priority, sometimes we cannot make it in time for the gym to be open, sometimes a complete 1 hour is difficult to fit in but that does not mean no workouts that just means going with the flow.
Next time you find yourself in a time crunch think 20 minutes, think working out at home, just a round of squats, lunges, pushups and crunches it might not be as good as your everyday workouts but at least it is better than lying in bed and next time you are in a very bad mood think workout that calms you down, workouts that you feel like doing, just follow your feelings. Such days I think it is better not to focus on calories burnt, don’t be hard on yourself because could not put in as much effort in your workouts instead focus on making as many healthy choices as you can.
Keep Reading I will Keep Writing 
My Life is back to normal as of this morning, I missed my blog world and all my blog friends..back to blogging, gyming and smiling Yay!!!!


  1. I can totally relate to what you've written. The past 2 weeks have been really overwhelming for me, and in for the past 3 days I didn't go to the gym nor did I workout at home. I felt kind of bad, but not as guilty as I normally do because I knew that I just needed to step away for a few days and then I'll get back into it.

    As you said, life happens.

    I think the important thing to remember and realize is that if you live an active, healthy lifestyle 90-95% of the time, then the few days here and there of not working out or just taking a break really don't make a huge difference in the long run ... this is mainly the case when you've already established healthy habits and you know that stepping away from your normal routine really is just a temporary thing.

    Glad things are getting back to normal for you :)

    1. Hi A, stepping back and letting go of my normal routine without feeling guilty was a big challenge for me..but when I did manage I felt so much better, I think like you said once you are leading a healthy lifestyle just stepping away is only temporary, I'm back to my routine and It feels good :)

  2. Hi Tanvee! Well, I stir the soup, do 10 pushups, throw the clothes in the dryer, do 10 pushups, sort the mail, do 10 pushups, etc...until I do at least 100 pushups. It doesn't take very long so I have no excuses.

    :-) Marion

    1. Hi Marion, I did 20 minute routines but I could not manage keeping up with my classes at the gym or my daily gym workouts, Initially I was very irritated for not being able to keep up but then I realised it was ok to break it up and change it a little as long as I can be active and not go back to my bad habits..
      I'm back to my routine actually I have increase my workout a little :)