Saturday, 23 March 2013

Dedication Vs Obsession

These days I have noticed a lot of my family and friends telling me I’m obsessed with my weight loss/fitness. Usually when somebody tries to ridicule what I’m doing I manage to stand up for myself but this thing about being obsessed stayed with me. I know all of them were telling me out of concern and nothing negative so I did get a bit concerned
I never thought I was obsessed I thought I was dedicated, nothing I do for my weight loss effects my mood negatively, according to me I'm healthy, I don’t starve and I workout just the right amount for my body.
If I can control what goes in my mouth or if I workout even when the weather is bad or if I plan my entertainment around my fitness without it effecting me negatively I'm happy. I always felt all this just shows my hard work paid off. I never looked at it as an obsession instead I thought I was dedicated and all this has somehow become a part of my life.
But on the other side I have never really consulted a nutritionist or a doctor (I did not feel the need to) nor have I ever hired a personal trainer. Everything I have done till now is more based on what I read on blogs, magazines, fitness articled, workout DVDs and a little bit of my common sense.
So back to why I was concerned ‘I might not be overdoing it or maybe I'm ?’ I was not sure, my aim is to become healthy and fit. I could do better (there is always room for improvement). Maybe my food planning could be better or maybe my workouts could be scheduled such that I benefit more from how much I put in.  
What if I took advice from a professional nutritionist or a trainer to confirm if I could improve my existing plan? I think I will only benefit by asking somebody who knows more than me and that will also give me more confidence in what I'm doing.
My conclusion to all this:
Dedicated Vs Obsession
Being dedicated is not an obsession till it has a negative effect on your life and health. It’s good to be dedicated but it’s also important to be safe. Asking for help or sharing your ideas with somebody professional is always useful.
How do you know you are overdoing anything?
I think if you overdo anything it will have the wrong side effects, you might be crankier, tired instead of energetic, your body might not repair as fast after your usual workouts.
Always good to be safe
By talking to a professional you can make sure you are on the right track and they can further guide you to improve your fitness levels. You don’t have to have a few days a week with the PT, even a consultation session should be good to know if you are on the right track
Have you ever had a similar experience? What do you do?

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  1. I think I'm hearing that family and friends are becoming uncomfortable with your newly found healthy ways....perhaps they are threatened? Or feel guilty?

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  3. Hi Gwen, I think more than threatened or guilty they are worried, because I stay away from home and I lost most of my weight from the time I started living on my own they think I starve myself or overdo my workouts...when they see how much I eat now they get worried because they have never seen me eat so portions a few years ago were huge :)

  4. I'd say that a bit of healthy obsession is not a bad thing. I found that friends and family often have good intentions but can be fearful about changes.

    1. Hi Diane, I think you are right they are just fearful about all the changes.

  5. I would say if you are getting healthy/fit so that you can go out and live a full life you are on the right track. If your living your life just to be at the gym or over think eating healthy you are on the wrong path.

    1. Hi Joe, you are on spot 'I'm getting healthy so that I can live a full life and have more fun' but I have got used to thinking about the calories before I put something in my mouth..I guess that's how I moved away from all the unhealthy eating so people might find it obsessive but for me that is the way to make sure I'm on track.

  6. Hi Tanvee! Well, how many hours do you work out per week? Is it more than 2 hours per day? And do you have relatives who think it is "excessive" to walk 8 blocks when you could take the car? Or do they think a huge hunk of white bread or an extra helping of mashed potatoes and gravy is "healthy?" It's hard to judge their level of crazy for what they view as "healthy."

    I think that it is extremely hard to break bad health habits. I personally think it takes *years* to fully break super bad habits. In the meantime, we sort of "fake it till we make it" meaning that I didn't know if I'd continue my gym habit without going every single day. The obsession in that sense was to fully and forcefully break out of the bad habit, and to really prove it to yourself. For food journaling, I'm not sure if I'm ever going to keep a good weight without journaling all food. If it seems obsessive then whatevs--I do what I have to in order to change.

    :-) Marion

    1. Hi Marion, I workout about 5-6 days a week for 45 - 90 minutes (Depending on the workout planned for the day) I think my friends and family were so used to seeing me eat huge portions and hate exercise. Now I live on my own and I lost most of my weight since so when they see my meal portions they are surprised and worried because to them it looks like I'm starving myself and not taking care of myself. I guess certain things like counting calories or working out when I have a headache are things I do because they help me stay on track and make me feel good but it is difficult for people who have not gone through the same thing to understand. They eat the right amount without worrying about calories because they have had good habits from the beginning so they don't have to work towards breaking bad habits and building new ones and that I think is difficult for them to understand.

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