Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Very important ingredients for successful weight loss

How many times have you looked at a friend or a family member and wondered if you were like them things would be perfect.  When I was fat I always looked at my friends who were healthier and found an excuse for not being as healthy. I was very good at blaming everything. I really had started believing that I was the way I was because of the situation I was in. I would complain about not having time, not having enough money for joining the gym or blame my family for all the gatherings which never let me start my diet. I think there was a time in my life when I could find an excuse in any situation to continue my unhealthy lifestyle. This Excuse -- blame-game – self pity was a cycle I was stuck in for very long.

Taking responsibility
The only way I really changed myself was when I took responsibility. Starting with everything that went in my mouth, instead of saying I eat because we have so many family gatherings I had to face the truth, I eat because I want to, I eat because I could not control my cravings. I always had a choice (not to eat or eat less but I never made that choice). When I stopped blaming others and took responsibility I knew I could change things because it only depended on me. When I blamed people for my situation my weight loss plans depended on others (my plan was flawed from the beginning because I was never in control, I gave that away to others who were really not a part of my plan)
I think taking responsibility gives us more control over the result

Making the best of any situation
All of us are in different situations, we all have different problems, different jobs...basically different lives I think as long as we make the best of the situation we are in we should be good. I would feel bad for myself because I did not have the money to join the gym but that was just wrong, as you all know I did not start my weight loss by joining the gym I started by going for walks, jogging and doing exercise at home. Even though I did not make it to the gym I still lost weight, I was getting healthier. When I started my weight loss I was not staying on my own so my dinner was usually what mom made, nobody else in my family needed to lose weight and I couldn’t tell  my mom to make me a separate meal so I started off with making healthy choices for my breakfast and lunch (salad at work) and then for dinner I would have very small portions again this helped me lose weight.
Now I go to the gym I cook my own meals but I know my situation might change, I might not be able to get to the gym always or I might not be able to cook my own meals always but instead of letting that pull me down I decided to always make the best of my situation. 
Taking responsibility & Doing your best in any situation are very important.

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  1. Responsibility, taking action, figuring out what works for you, and working with what you have right now are all so important. Great post!

  2. Tanvee, well done! This is the key to getting and staying healthy, in a nutshell!

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  4. I completely agree! I have had to learn this myself!