Sunday, 17 March 2013

Sharing - Do you find it useful?

Ever since I decided I wanted to lose weight I was in a dilemma about sharing my plans with my friends or family. I really never shared my plans for very long; I would speak a little about it but would never talk about the seriousness or how much it really mattered to me. So why did I not share or talk about it for many years??

I was embarrassed – because if I would share my weight loss plans it would mean me accepting that I was fat and unhappy with myself. It felt like by talking about my weight I would be highlighting my flaws.
I was worried about people judging  - I thought once I open up about my weight loss with people they will judge everything I do, if I eat an unhealthy snack they will judge me for not eating an apple instead, if I use the elevator they will question me for not taking the stairs.
I was afraid of failing – I was worried I might not really lose weight and I would not be able to keep up with exercising or eating right, just that fear of failing stopped me from talking about my plans.
Now I think I should have been more open about what I was going through at least with my close friends and family, not because people won’t judge me nor because I'm sure I won’t fail but because the same points could have been  used to help my weight loss

(Positive twist)

A lot of times we are very quick to point out our own bad points, and sometimes we all need somebody to point out our good points. It’s ok to share because sometimes you learn nice things about yourself. I always hated the way I looked  because I was fat but finally when I did share with my friends they were the ones who reminded me about my good features and then I did not feel so bad about myself

People Judging 
You can’t stop people from judging, some judge others don’t, the best way is to ignore them but if you can’t then I say instead of letting the fear of people judging stop you, why not use it to give you a push in the right direction. Like if you tell everybody you are trying to eat healthy and if there is dessert served you will definitely worry about people judging if you have it so why not skip the dessert??? it will help you stay on track, worried people might point out when you use the elevator why not use the stairs, it adds to your activity and helps your plan doesn't it?
( I still feel it's best not to let people effect you)

Sometimes plans don’t work; we may lose track... talking to people/friends especially those who you think are better than you helps because they will give you new ideas and a different point of view. You might not relate to everything you hear but maybe there is that one important tip you missed
I think it is always great to have support; they will be there for you when you hate yourself, they will keep you on track by pointing out your mistakes and sharing ideas to learn new stuff is always good.
Sometimes you might also land-up sharing plans with people who have a completely different point of view, they might not get the importance of fitness or making healthy eating a lifestyle just don’t let them change your focus instead why not prove to them  the importance of what you are doing.

Did you ever have a problem talking about your weight loss ups and downs or am I the only one ?
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  1. Spot on with this write-up, I really believe this web site needs much more attention.
    I'll probably be back again to read through more, thanks for the info!

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  2. I never talked about it when I wasn't dieting, but if anything, once I get going on a program, I actually probably become TOO gung-ho on it, and maybe ought to shut up more. ;)

    1. Hi Gwen, I think as we get more serious and confident about our weight loss journey it is a lot more easier to share :) (these days even I feel thats all I can talk about)

  3. Hi Tanvee! I think it's good to talk to receptive people about it. My family is very sick of me watching my weight. They want me to dig into the donuts, brownies, pizza, etc... with them. If I don't, they resent it a little because I remind them that they are not eating healthy, even though my own rejection of the food was for my own personal reasons.

    However, I have learned a lot from my weight loss group. Some little comments from certain members have made a big difference. They didn't even know when they were saying important things to me. Also, my gym buddies tell me important things. I've asked most of them, by this point, whether they watch their calories. Even all of the guys do. It just makes a person feel better that we are not the only ones having to restrict calories. Most slim adults have to do that.

    :-) Marion

    1. Hi Marion, My family was not very happy about my new eating habits but I noticed over time each one of them made some changes in their diet (no drastic changes) but they do think twice before eating junk though they still complain about my plans...they have changed a bit too which is very good for all of us.
      when I started sharing for the first time I noticed friends who I thought were naturally think were already restricting calories I was so glad to find company.

  4. It's great that you wrote this - I actually just got over my fear of failure, and have basically been telling EVERYONE about my 5K I signed up for. I've been really afraid of failing and not finishing or following through, but I've also found that sharing is what's keeping me going!

    1. Hi Heather, I did read about your 5K plans I think it's great, I do monthly challenges I think putting it up keeps me going too.I have never ticked all off but I hope I will someday. So even though I worry about failing I don't stop trying.
      All the best with your 5k training :)

  5. I often felt the same way! When I would tell people I was dieting and then I failed it seemed to make it even worse. This time around I waited until I got into a groove before I told people I was changing to a healthier lifestyle. And so far it has worked for me! :)

    1. Hi, I understand what you mean, sharing..failing and then facing the people can be difficult. I share my plans with people I trust and people who always support even when I fail they will help me get back on track and I share with the rest of the world only once I'm a little confident.

  6. I have done both in the past, with awful results. I did it a little different this time. I told no one, but started a blog. Now my family and friends know about the diet, but I dont encourage conversations about it. I dont want their input, their advice, nothing. I am not rude, I just except the compliments (if there are any) and change the subject. I am doing this for me, not for them.

    1. Hi Josse,
      you are so right we don't need any negativit only the compliments :) :). Keeping a blog is a very good way of sharing I think the blog way we meet people with similar mindsets so it's easier to share and understand.