Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Weight training

When we first think about weight loss walking, jogging, dancing these are the first few exercises we do, even when I entered the gym for the first time I started with doing only cardio. Some of us are scared of entering the weight section, some of us don’t know the importance and some of us just forget they exist for women too
In this post I wanted to share with you how using weights helped me.(though I'm still a newbie in the weights section I have already noticed a few changes)
Burn calories after you have stopped working out (who won’t love this?)
I noticed initially I lost weight a little faster when I started including weights in my workout, that’s because it boosts your metabolic rate. When you do weights training your body burns calories even after you have completed your exercise.
You can combine weights with cardio (saves time)
You don’t always have to set time aside for weight training. If you are short on time you can combine cardio and weights. If you really love getting your heart rate up try doing kettle bell workouts or jump squats with weights (will post these soon)
Get toned-no more jiggly arms and thighs
Even though I was losing weight with cardio I was not getting toned, using weights makes your body tighter, gives better definition, no more jiggly arms and thighs. I think I lost inches faster when I started doing weights.
Get stronger
I get pure joy when I can do one more push-up or hold my plank longer than somebody in the gym, that’s all thanks to weight training. Cardio only increased my running stamina but when I started doing weights I became stronger, I can be out the whole day and not get tired.
Increases confidence and self worth
I don’t know how or why but weight training has helped me with my confidence it makes me happy.
Health benefits
I have read in a lot of articles about weight training making your bones stronger (my family has a history of weak bone so I hope all my weight training helps), it also reduces heart disease and risk of diabetes
(Ladies don’t worry about bulking up; we don’t have the hormones to become bulky)
Did I convince you to give it a try? In the next post we will discuss how to start weight training 

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  1. Hi Tanvee! Well, I think when I started with bench press that I learned about my power for the first time. We women need to understand that we can have power and it is super duper awesome!

    I <3 how you <3 when you get one more push up or a little better at any other challenging exercise. I'm like that too. :D

    :-) Marion

    1. hey Marion, doesn't it feel great when you feel the power?? I love being the girly girl who can kick some butt ;)

  2. I love, love, love weights!! Have you tried the New Rules of Lifting for Women program? It changed my whole experience with weights - it was awesome :)
    The mental strength that comes from improved physical strength is so rewarding!

    1. i just looked it up after reading your comment..will get it this weekend :)

  3. Great post! I actually prefer weight training over cardio, but it seems I've been doing a lot more cardio lately! I plan on making a trip to the book store to get "The New Rules of Lifting for Women."

    1. hey Heather, I started with cardio and now after one whole year I have started weights and I'm hooked, just read about the book in my previous comment and looked it up will be getting it this weekend :)