Monday, 4 March 2013

March Challenges

March Challenges and February update

1.      Wake up at 5.30 (sleep early)
2.      Try the whole life challenge (just for 1 week)
3.      Study as planned (I’m working on a plan right now, fingers crossed I hope I can stick to it)
4.      Continue the previous challenges

February was ok, I hope March is better. This month I really hope I can study, it’s difficult to study when you have no exams and no deadlines :)

February and January Challenge update
1.   Wake up at 5.30 am on weekdays (managed a few days, I always land up sleeping real late so that’s something I need to work on)
2.   Study 1 hour every evening (didn’t manage doing this even for one day, I'm going to try again this month )
3.      Go for two new fitness classes (done – will post and update soon)
4.      Drink more water - 2 bottles (done) 
5.    Gym 5 days a week (done)
6.      Meet up with friends (done)
7.      Publish 20 blog posts (done)

Keep Reading I will Keep Writing 


  1. Good luck, Tanvee! I know you can do it!

  2. Hi Tanvee! Well, I have a hard time working on my writing projects, in ways similar to your studying at night, but I always feel better when I get my hour or two done because it is part of my long-term improvement project of myself--which is worth me investing in. So I still don't like the work, but it does have a good cause. :D

    :-) Marion

    1. Hi Marion, My studying is a long term improvement project for me too..but I keep finding excuses to avoid it, this month I'm going to do it.I know in my mind it is very useful for me I think I should keep reminding myself the cause when I find an execuse not to study.
      Will keep you posted about how this goes, do you have anything that helped you stay focused in your writing project?

  3. Like you, my academic side of my plans has kinda been pushed aside, but I really do need to make it more of a priority.
    Good luck with March & your 1 week of the Whole Life Challenge :)

    1. thank you, I really hope this month I can start studying :) good luck to you too for your academic plans, I will tell you how my Whole Life Challenge goes..I'm really looking forward to it