Sunday, 17 March 2013

Whole Life Challenge

I read about Whole life challenge on ‘’ and I was immediately eager to try it. You should check out her WLC blog ( for a detailed look through 8 weeks of her journey, I'm a regular there. For more details you can also check out the official site ( . I liked the idea a lot because it focuses on everything important
  • Fitness (workout improvements, stretching and some activity daily)
  • Nutrition (they have a list of what you can eat and what you can’t) 
  • Supplements (you can chose your vitamins or calcium, they suggest fish oil)
  • Lifestyle (focusing on new creating new habits...anything from drinking more water, to sleeping 7 hrs.)
Why did I want to try this?
I am not looking at trying to lose weight but actually I am hoping to improve my eating habits and get more energy in the process. I am good at counting calories and sticking to my daily calorie count but sometimes I eat processed food, though I still stick to my calorie count I know processed is not really healthy and I'm keen on improving my eating because better eating = better workout  and better workouts = stronger me J
The whole life challenge is a 8 week challenge but I'm going to try this only for a week and if I feel comfortable I will add another week and continue. I'm actually hoping to stick to this nutrition plan long term. I'm hoping on making it a lifestyle.
In the coming week I will share with you my experience and I will tell you if I can carry on, what I found difficult or what is manageable. (All possible details on one week of WLC)

Keep Reading I will Keep Writing 

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