Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Spin (fitness class)

I would stand outside the door looking at all the people in the spin class, they all looked so focused and strong just looking at them was intimidating for me. It always looked like great cardio, the music and energy in the room always pulled me closer, as usual I started with my preparation. I looked online read about spin classes and got a little more scared, everything I read pointed out to how difficult spin class is, or what torture it is to your legs or how uncomfortable the spin bikes are...basically I was more scared to enter after doing my prep work but I knew I had to go because every article had one common sentence 'Spin is a great workout'.
So first things first I went and bought myself new workout (Spin) pants, next I spoke to my gym receptionist to find out if there were any beginner's spin class (some gyms have these) unfortunately for me my gym did not have a beginner's class though I was assured it would be ok. Next I booked a class and reached about half an hour early. I know half an hour is too early but I wanted to talk to the instructor, pick my bike, try all the adjustments and feel comfortable before the class actually started
The bike adjustments were not difficult; you can adjust the seat level, the handle level and the distance between the seat and the handle. I checked if I could sit and pedal comfortably and also if I could stand and pedal comfortably. My bike set, water filled, towel in place I was ready to spin.
As soon as it was time to start the instructor dimmed the lights, the music came on and we started with a few stretches (on the bike) I was scared I would fall off the bike but I managed :) .
Now for the actual spinning exercises we started with reducing the resistance real low and pedalling very very fast I thought I would fly away (lol) then we were asked to increase the resistance and stand up and pedal. This is what we continued for 45 minutes but we added different hand movements to both position (seated flat, seated climb, standing flat, standing climb and jumps). The instructor took us through different intervals each at different speeds; different resistance and we kept alternating our positions for different counts (confusing? Hope not)
 I enjoyed the class a lot, it was good cardio and the best part is you can push yourself as much as you want or as little as you want. You control your resistance and rpm. Once the music starts time goes by real fast, every bit of my leg muscles felt the pain but I was ok the next day, I could still follow my regular workout plan without any problems and now I’m so in love with this class that I’m increasing it to 3 days a week (I think I need more days in a week to manage all my classes, my gym and my workouts)
Things to remember for your first spin class:
  1. Go early play around with your bike a little, try all adjustments make sure you are comfortable in both sitting and standing position. Spin for a few minutes before your class starts, it’s like warm up before warm up ;) 
  2.  Don’t get scared, it’s usually dark inside nobody can see you :), you can decide your own resistance and speed. 
  3.  If you think a spin class is going to be too taxing for your body take up a class on a day when you have nothing else planned, or take up a class such that the next day is your rest day. (I did my first class on a Sunday) 
  4. In my class there are people who leave after 25-30 minutes, so if you think 30 minutes is enough for you, you can walk out, just don’t forget to stretch 
  5.  Choose the right outfit, remember you will stretch forward while spinning, avoid wearing yoga pants I prefer wearing  tracks that are either calf length or tight at the ankle. You can buy gel seats or padded shorts just in case 
  6.  Don’t ever stop pedalling suddenly; I think it jerks your knee. Instead if you want to stop increase your resistance this will make you stop gradually 
  7.  When you are supposed to stand up and pedal make sure you increase your resistance before standing up. 
  8.  Go for at least one class before you decide it’s too difficult for you, I’m sure most of you will go back (I did, I keep going back ;) )
Keep Reading I will Keep Writing 
(I have linked www.spinning.com if you want to read more about the different spinning techniques)


  1. Loved your review. I never thought of taking a spin class, because it seems so intimidating. Knowing what goes on in class helps.

    1. Hi Josee, I'm glad you found the post useful. I know it looks scary but trust me you should to try one, when I finished my first class I felt so good and happy about myself :)

  2. I am SO SO impressed! Awesome! You are a rock star!

  3. I loved spin at my old gym, but now moved to a new one I keep chickening out of going to a class. This has encouraged me to want to go now. I'm lucky mine does an easy spin class which is only 30 minutes a couple days a week so might start off with one of those. I hope you keep on enjoying your class :)

    1. Hi Sarah, I'm glad my post is encouraging you to go for a spin class, that's exactly what I was hoping for...you are lucky you can ease in with the 30 minutes class..let me know how it goes :)

  4. I love spin class. It was the first big group class that I tried and it definitely helped me gain confidence. Your list is very helpful!

  5. I loved spin at my old gym, but now stimulated to a new one I maintain chickening out of going to a zumba class.