Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter

Hope all of you are having a great time with family and friends, I hope your holidays are fun filled, full of smiles and laughter.
Today I have decided to write about Cheat days, I'm sure a lot of people use the cheat day system to prevent themselves from feeling deprived. The basic concept of cheat day is to eat healthy on all days except one day in a week when you can eat whatever it is you have been craving for the remaining days. I know a few friends who follow this religiously and I have also seen it work for them but my mind works in a different direction. I don’t like the idea of having a cheat day because then I feel more deprived on the remaining days. Instead I would prefer working towards building healthy eating habits and having small cheat moments if I feel like without that guilt hanging over my head.
Healthy eating habits for me do not mean banning things that I love completely from my life. What I do is I do indulge in unhealthy food sometimes but it’s just that one item or meal (depending on the situation) I don’t spoil my entire day.
For instance on my birthday we did not buy an entire cake (only two of us, it did not make sense at all) instead we bought one slice of a cheese cake and one slice of apple pie split it by two (and we did not finish this in one sitting either) , we had our usual healthy breakfast and we went out for lunch, I had Japanese noodles (not in my usual healthy food options) but for dinner we had big bowl of soup and because I knew I wouldn’t be working out I changed my rest day to my birthday that way I still managed my usual workout week. I like doing this because at the end of the day I was happy and not worried about over eating or missing my workout, instead I think if I would overeat I would be more upset about it after eating.
So basically I don’t have cheat days I have little cheat moments. Mind you I would not waste a cheat moment on a chocolate bar because that won't be worth it for me. I choose my cheat moments depending on the occassion and also the option I have in front of me. So I have many months when I have no cheat moments atall but then there are a few occassion when I would eat something that not in my healthy list.
I have little cheat moments and I do not waste them on anything that I don't think is worth it. 
For Easter we decided to make our breakfast special. We went to ‘My Old Dutch - the pancake house’ it’s a pancake place we pass every Sunday. T loves sweet and we have avoided going to this place for over a year so finally we decided Easter would be the special day when we would go have pancakes for breakfast.
T had the unhealthiest possible option (chocolate, banana, nuts and ice-cream pancake :D ). I did not want to have my regular egg and toast for breakfast in a pancake house (I knew we were not going back anytime soon) so I selected the smoked salmon  and egg savoury pancake. They were crazy huge. Mine was cone shaped with the filling. I got scared just looking at the plate size I barely had 25 % of my meal it was so filling (I could not even do a takeaway so my meal was a waste) but T was definitely happy he kept saying he was full but was still happily eating away.

Another thing I noticed today was the change in appetite I always assumed if I wanted to eat I could always eat the same portions that was used to eating a few years ago but now I know for sure I just can’t eat that much I think I would fall sick if I would eat more.
We walked off our breakfast and decided to skip lunch and stick to a very light dinner, though I might eat something in between I think T is done for the day and his Easter was a very Happy Easter
What did you do for Easter? Did you have a cheat day or did you manage to have fun while eating clean?

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  1. Easter morning here. We are going to an early afternoon buffet with my mom. I know there is prime rib and fresh fruit (sure, alot more than that)...but that's what I'll be sticking to, unless the prime rib is too salty.

    Cheating holds no interest for me whatsoever anymore. That's not to say I won't indulge in a bite of milk chocolate on a rare occasion, but it's never more than a small bite anymore. I don't feel deprived because I'm truly turned off by that food, the companies that are turning them out to get us to overeat/buy more, and what they do to my body. I'm grateful that I've gotten to this mindset. It makes it so easy now! I don't have to worry about sugar or starch anymore; just hidden sodium.

    Have a wonderful rest of your Easter! Congrats to you for eating only a quarter of that breakfast! But please do NOT consider it a waste just because you didn't take it home! You ate what you wanted of it, so it was not a waste. Your portion was absolutely perfect for you! No waste! It was the restaurant's waste for such ridiculously sized portions! :)

    1. Hi Gwen, I hope you had a wonderful Easter, read all about it on your blog :) it was the restaurant's waste for serving those portions (makes me feel better to think it was not my fault), I usually don't order something if I'm sure I can't finish it or share it or take it home but this was just not my cup of tea (I was expecting a small svaory pancake with some smoked salmon, anyways I know I'm not going there anytime soon

  2. I agree with you.. I have cheat moments, not cheat days. Cheat days usually end up being cheat weeks/months/years for me.

    1. Hi Josee, cheat moments are always better I noticed even you did that when you went to your mom's place and had ice cream :) you went back on track asap instead of spoiling an entire day....I think it's best to go back on track asap instead of waiting for the next day.