Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Fitness classes

As you all know one of my challenges for January was to attend at least one fitness class in the gym. I have been procrastinating for so long just because I thought I would not be able to keep up with the class or because I would be uncoordinated..but because I blogged about attending a class there was no looking back.
I decided to start with Zumba just because I love dancing and I thought I would be able to keep up with the class. My Zumba class was amazing and lots of fun (I will tell you all about it in my next post). Once I got comfortable with going for the zumba class immediately I decided to try one more new class...I was looking for something that would not be too much out of comfort zone...so after scanning the group classes in my gym.
I decided to go for LBT (Legs, Bums and Tums).The only reason I decided going for this class was because I thought it would be a comfortable class because I’m used to doing a lot of Jillian dvds at home. I went with confidence as the tempo of the class increased so did the pain in my muscles. Surprise surprise!!!! All my squats, lunges and all the other LBT exercises I did at home were not enough...Same exercises? Same weights? So what was so different?
I think it’s the pace of doing your workouts, the rest period between workouts is always a few seconds,  at home I would unknowingly take a 1-2 minute break between intervals and at home there is nobody watching so if I was in pain I would stop..I think at home I pushed myself a little less but in class even if my legs were giving away I continued to push till the instructor says so...
I’m not saying home dvd’s are not effective, I still use them but I regularly attend a class, I think with every class I push myself a little more and this also helps me do my home workouts better.
I think you should give fitness classes a try. If you are anything like me, a little apprehensive, just go for a class that you would be comfortable doing, it could be a beginner’s class, zumba (if you like dancing), yoga... there are so many options out there for different fitness levels

First day in a class
  1. Select your class based on your comfort level and fitness level (once you are comfortable you will get more confidence to try new classes) 
  2.  If you want talk to the instructor before, they will tell you ways of making things a little more easier (example: spin class...the instructor will give you advise on how to adjust your bike and resistance) 
  3.  Make a deal with yourself...if you are too uncomfortable walk out after the first 15 minutes... (Nobody cares) if you can give it more than 20 minutes...complete the class. 
  4.  Don’t use the heaviest weights just because you want to keep up with the person next to you (skip weights if you have to.) 
  5.  You might be uncoordinated, with less energy and new to all exercises...nobody will make you feel out of place, there is always more than one new person. Most people focus on themselves and the instructor
  6. I personally pushed myself a lot more (it actually surprised me).
What do you think? Which classes have you attended? Did you enjoy them?
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  1. I can see where you would push yourself more in a class - I think I need to take one!! Great job on the workout consistency.

    1. you should definitely try a calss..I enjoy them a lot, let me know which one you try and how it goes. This month I'm hoping to go for gym and one more new class.

  2. I love exercise classes! I used to attend several - Body Pump, Body Combat, Body Balance, RPM - basically the Les Mills classes. Zumba is one of my favorites (so much so that I became a certified instructor!). I wish I could attend more classes, but right now I've gone a bit of a different way with my martial arts training - still in a group, but not the same as the choreographed classes.

    Good for you for going! Pushing yourself that extra bit will really have an impact :)

    1. I have just started classes so I still have a long list..(my plan is morning gym and evening class) just now I'm still struggling with morning gym so I land up doing gym before or after class..that is a little draining..but still fun :)
      Congratulations on becoming a certified instructor :), we have no martial arts training at our gym..maybe someday after I'm done with all the classes I will give that a try too :)

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